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Westone IEMs are all ive ever owned. Ive had earbuds but IEMs are much better.....each model has impressed me and i only have the UM3x because my Westone 2s seem to have quality issues, ive gone through two pairs and the sound just stops working which i suspect is part of the build quality being lesser then the UM series. My UM1s have outlasted the 2's by far. UM3X has quite a bit of bass, great mids, highs seemed a bit recessed while the mids were pretty forward , I cant wait to try out all the tips with them. Only had them about an hour, heh. Im also extremely happy with the holiday deal i got on them.








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Originally Posted by igotyofire View Post

Im also extremely happy with the holiday deal i got on them.

Tell me more?

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The Westones universals are good solid ITE monitors, however the leakage because it is not a custom fit tends to be problematic with many of my patients in the situations in whoch they use them. i like the AC series, which is a custom fit and allows for a more robust low frequency sound. Let me know if you have any questions, I have been working with musician's products for ten years and I have been a working musician and performer since I am 15 :-)
- Melissa Heche, Doctor of Audiology;;
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Comply Tips have taken care of leakage problems.  UM56 custom tips also a good option for $130

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One thing I hate is how the westone price has shot up in the uk buy at least £30 odd :(

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There's an appreciation thread for these?  


Well I really like mine.  Best universals I've had so far.  They don't have the awkward fit of the SM3, and the sound is satisfying and smooth and even in FR, decently detailed.


really like them off my new DAC, they went up another level.  


My one vice is probably using them for long drives.  They're so comfy and they keep my awake on the highways @ night.  Not that I'm an interstate truck driver...but I've had 2 long-weekend drives in the past few months and they've probably kept me alive.


Thanks UM3X, I appreciate you keeping me alive.

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Originally Posted by Dragunov-21 View Post

Tell me more?
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earphone solutions had a site wide 30% off, currently its 20% site wide

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Originally Posted by elfary View Post

If you check the impedance curve of the UM3x ( you'll realize that no other iem peaks at 110 Ohm of impedance at the 1K region. And the more impedance the more stereo separation. It's no wonder that no other iem can yield better separation.


It's a musician monitor thus it's not a surprise.



If its a musician monitor,  and am only an audiophile using it with an iPod, is this iem will give me for my money, or it will be better for me to go for the Westone 4r (using it with my um56)?

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it really depends what you want out of it. the UM3X definitely has a strong bass presence (not boomy bass but impactful) and a very intimate mid good for vocals. the W4R is the better all rounder with wider soundstage

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Originally Posted by ubercaffeinated View Post

Ah, that sounds like it'd be a bitch. I do love the W4 cable. So comfortable. 



Ok then! If you be one day using JH13 or ES5, (these iems have these rc cables, no?) You think they will have the same issues like the um3xc rc do? or maybe you can accomodate more easy with them?

Have another question here: Some of you, will know wich of those iems have the more Bass presence. Um3 or Um3x... or W4 (:By order of importance:) Am not realy a basehead  listener! Am not a Musician either, only an Audiophile!

Do I realy need these um3 series, or beter go with w4?!   Have sold recently my lovely SE535v to embark for a new adventure in the Westone world! I will like to choose wisely.

thx :)

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Originally Posted by eclipes View Post

yeah i want to know as well but I heard they are extremely fragile since they break really easily. That was the reason why kept me from doing the custom tips.



Originally Posted by Gangler View Post

I have had these for about 5 months now, and I love how they sound and the great isolation they offer. 


I'm curious out custom tips. Who has them? Do they make a difference in sound quality/isolation? How much did it cost? 

any reply would be greatly appreciated. 

Hi gangs!  Have no propblemo with my UM56 mold ever! Have using these with my se535v for about 2 years now! Just contact Rachelle at Westone cs for price$ info!  But.......... next time then..... :)

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Originally Posted by TCD1975 View Post

Custom tips are delicate and break easily? I can't see how if they're made from silicone.


I got custom sleeves for my UM3x from ACS (whos sadly no longer make sleeves for westone earphones) and they've been absolutely brilliant. I think the secret of getting the most out of BA earphones is having a good seal and custome tips/sleeves should provide a great seal if they've been done properly.


The bass is on my UM3x is deeper and tighter with custom sleeves ... plus I don't have the hassle of buying new foamies every few months. If you can find somewhere who can make custom tips/sleeves for the UM3x I say go for it!


Yep, agreed!   It's called: UM56  [earcanalcustommold) :) Enjoy! Call for $$$.$$

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Originally Posted by Zalithian View Post

Both have a big impact. Comply's tend to be more in a negative way. They muffle things, at least with shorter comply tips. I think the longer ones work well, however.

 The UM3x have a more elongated nozzle size than the other lineup westone iem? I think longer than the w4  If it longer, are you sure the need to use large, longer tips? Go 4 UM56 then!!

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Originally Posted by ubercaffeinated View Post

No one can tell you which is better - I know I can't, and I have both. It purely comes down to preference. 


If you had to choose ONE for all your music needs, I would go with the W4, as it is generally satisfying, unless you absolutely only listen to female vocals, in which case you should get the UM3X.

Thx!  And what about listen male vocals, jazzy music, Morcheeba, Diana Krall, Électronica, New age, Alternative, Soft Rock musics???? again stay with the um3x or w4??  using with my UM56 mold!

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Originally Posted by TheMarkRemains View Post

Haven't heard the W4, I know from W3 the fit was not for me. UM3x one of my favorites and it's serviceable outside of warranty. W4 has reputation for being slightly less sensitive too. All things equal I'd go for the UM3x. W series is prettier but the isolation/fit of the UM series is better in my ears. Pair them with olives and its Ety level.


I think the UM3 has the reputation for being warmer. W4 a little clinical. If you buy from a merchant with good exchange policy you could try both ! But unheard gambling I'd get the UM3

UM3 are they more bassy, warmer than the x version? What the X mean?? Do I realy a need for "Instrument séparation"(find in the UM3x)  if am not do stage, musician?  Am audiophile only! Need something similar to my lovely SE535v!


thx :)

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