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It's interesting how the first day I registered at the forums to try and sell my Yuin OK2s was the same day xkRoWx posted a WTB for Yuin earphones! (Didn't realize that until later)

Communication is very fast. xkRoWx is very nice and helpful to talk to. Any confusions on both our ends were immediately resolved.

Payment through paypal was promptly made after an agreement was made, and buyer xkRoWx was lightning fast at letting me and the forums know when the earphones have arrived.

Initially I was afraid to ship internationally and also selling online in general (once before I sold someone a iRiver Lplayer...the buyer tried to get out of paying, by falsely reporting that she never got the player, when USPS confirmed that the package was delivered...)

Anyway, I am very glad to report that member xkRoWx is very pleasant to do business with, and would definitely make future transactions if chances occur.
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I sold xkRoWx my Yuin PK1s and CMOY amp. He was very communicative throughout the sale and paid promptly. I would not hesitate to do business with him again and recommend him as a buyer to all head-fiers.
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An excellent transaction with Alex (xkRoWx)! His communication was excellent, and all PMs were replied to promptly. He was even generous enough to send me some local goods for free! Payment was also made immediately. I sold Alex my Minibox-e+, JVC HAR-X700, Jmoneyaudio Grado lambskin headband, and a Beyer leather headband cover.

Recommend this Head-Fier to all.
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Sold Alex ER-4P/Ss. The communication was prompt and pleasant and so was the payment. I would definitely recommend Alex to other head-fiers and wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again in the future.

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