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First of all, why isn't this thread a sticky yet?!

Second, here's a case in process. It was originally supposed to house my Buffalo 32S, but I ended up deciding to put that in a matching par-metal case with the balanced Beta I'm building. Now I'm thinking that I might be able to squeeze a two channel Beta in there and build a matching PSU case. Hmm... haven't seen any woody Betas around...

I'm trying to figure out what to do with the top. I don't have the skills to do what zkool does but I do have a milling machine so I might do some fancy angled slots or something. Not sure how well a slow milling machine goes through MDF but I know how to find out!
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Wow, wow, and wow!
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Originally Posted by oneplustwo View Post
First of all, why isn't this thread a sticky yet?!

Kind of off topic, but I have the same Ansel Adams poster... at least from the same print set. The print I have is 'Oak Tree'.

Also nice woodwork
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I think everyone has that poster. It's a requirement if you own any sort of camera beyond the one button point and shoot.
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I can't believe you did that without a sled!!! Zkool, have you been misleading us?
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I know can't believe it either! That's called precision with patience
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I just got the table saw a few days ago and a sled is on my to do list. i think the fact that the saw has a really nice cast surface helps. (Porter cable 3812S on sale at rockler for $299 and free shipping coupon... woot!) as a result the tslots are smooth and the guide is pretty darn square. I actually had already mitered those pieces on my compound miter saw and they were not good at all. So I "needed" to buy a table saw. Plus, the wife wants some shelves and I have some other projects that it will help with. (Dado blade on the way too... still need a throat plate.)
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zkool, any tips on staining? I bought the minwax two in one stain/polyurethane. The directions seem pretty straight forward, but I haven't stained anything since junior high wood shop which was more than two decades ago. *gasp*
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kuroguy or smeggy are more experienced and could probably give you much better advise than I can since I sorta stink in this dept , ...but you might want to save that can of minwax for later though.

What I do generally depends on the type of wood I'm using. Some wood take stain very well (i.e. poplar used on the CTH) so just apply the stain and be done with it. But other types like pine tends to get "blotchy" because it absorbs stain unevenly. To deal with it, I mostly turn to gel stain since it's very simple to apply and gives the wood a nice even, deep, uniform color. Others use wood conditioner first to pre-treat the newly sanded wood before applying a final coat of stain.

My dad taught me the best tip on how to avoid uneven stain. First is to apply a coat of natural stain to the wood (i.e. clear) and let it sit for about 2 minutes then wipe it off completely. After that, you can now safely apply the color of your choice and you should get good results with a nice even stain/tone throughout. I don't really do a lot of staining but the trick works well for me everytime.

good luck
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I'm not much help either. I don't generally stain stuff with anything but a light gel stain poly. However, not very often. I've never used a general stain.
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I might as well start with my casework while I wait for parts to arrive.

Here's an interim mock up, hoping I could pull this off

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Wow that's intense!
I take it the front is mdf?
R u gonna mount the vol and nfb pots on those two circular things?
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That's a cool design, zkool. I've never seen a vented front panel before. Are those LEDs above the headphone jack and power switch for dB level? If so, how are you implementing that?

Are you using any metal in the case at all? I know some Bijou builders have had some noise problems that were generally grounding/shielding issues
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very nice neat case rds. I'm hoping to build mine just as neat and smooth.
Also zkool, that's a bittersweet design you have there!! Those knobs gonna be wooden as well? And plz do post step by step pics of it, it's fascinating to see it getting made.
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I'll see what I can do about a 2nd build log once I decide on a final design. Taking those pics slowed me down a bit trying to keep sawdust away from the DSLR camera and tripod, setting the exposure/lighting/camera angles, etc. etc. and documenting the process *but* I will do my best to post some of my progress for those interested .

I really would like to make this one unique, something different and special for the front panel (mdf). The amp will be cased in aluminum chassis, then enclosed with wood panels. Still not entirely sure which and how I'll be able to implement vu meters (led or analog) that's why I posted the question in another thread. If there's no accurate way to display the signal levels I still would like to integrate one simply for aesthetic reasons.

I know the thinking should always be "form follows function".. but the fact runeight has already addressed the function part very well (bijou design), I'm convinced I only need to focus on the form/aesthetics with very little tweaks later on

nattonrice, those are the knobs
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