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The Xonar Essence STX Q/A, tweaking, impressions thread - Page 127

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thanks shimm, thats a big help. i'm looking at the audiogd or maybe even burson. i'm still going to need help at any rate. not in a hurry though :)  any more info?

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Ask and I'll try to help.

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Thank you.

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@ shimm,


any tips on removal?

this pic shows where the xo was removed. only 2 pads?


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Yes, only 2 pads coz stok quartz is quartz rezonator, not XO. So, just like that guy did:

if there is no special thermohair dryer the quartz resonator is necessary to unsolder with two soldering irons. Fix a card. Put a gumboil (only pure rosin in waterless spirit, without additives!) on resonator's connectors. To stings of soldering irons take a little solder (lead will mix with leadless and unsolder faster) and remove the resonator as tweezers. Hope it's not so difficalt to understand my english.

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Also, look into this thread: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/433533/upgrading-the-crystal-x0-on-essence-stx/105#post_6002929 for details of Thoppa's mod (but carefully coz he did some mistakes)

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thanks shimm :)

that will keep me busy for awhile.

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There's so many hard-core mods people are doing with these cards now it's hard to know where to start!

I seem to recall a thread someone set-up a while back, where all the mods were being documented.


It's main function was to act as central repository of all the mods out there.

It wasn't aiming to document them in detail, but rather just introduce them, & then link to anywhere that has more detail.


I've looked but can't find it, I don't suppose anyone can provide a link to it?

I want to trawl the net & this forum for modz, and add any that aren't already mentioned in it.


Then when I finally have time to get started on my modding, I'll have one place to reference!



I believe I have found it  :)


When I get closer to having time for modz, I will update/refine this thread.

Then I will make my start  ;)

Much Kudos to thoppa for this bible!

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this pics arent mine, fotios (?) i think.


i'll glue a paper clip to the quartz and suspend it with a rubber band while desoldering :)

just slight upwards pressure.

this is looking a little more straight forward.


correct me if i'm wrong. if i have a xo which has an isolated power supply, there will be only one connection to the cards clock pad at the output.



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1. Personally, I'm not sure it's so necessary to be care about this quartz. You don't need it any more, right? Just my thoughts.

2. If your XO has isolated power supply it still need 2 connections to the card: GND and OUT. GND will be only common point between card PS and XO PS. I think so.

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makes sense, sounds good. i'll order the xo & a regulator for it. i found a bonus fixed 27v tap on my external power supply maybe i can use :)


probably a week to delivery, i'll let you know how it goes - thanks.

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gwillys, we (mostly me) forgot about one important thing - wires from external XO to the board. Look at these curve wires on the photo above.  It's more or less acceptable for PS, but I'm afraid with such curve wires it will be impossible to keep clock edges in good condition. Clock edges are more important even than ppm. So, you have to use conductors as short and direct as possible.

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got it. thanks shimm. & i'll use silver wire :)

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I just wanted to thank DEX85 for helping me out with opamps for the Xonar ST.

I'm using my Xonar to output to my Heed Canamp and through my K701.


I have tried 7920NA in the buffer, and there was already an improvement in sound quality over stock.

Then I tried 7920HA in the buffer, oh boy, what a delightful surprise. I didn't think the sound will improve further after trying the NA version but I was wrong.


Bottom line, I very much recommend the 7920HA in the buffer for all the people with my setup. I am very pleased with the results, the harsh highs from stock were eliminated, sound stage is much better, overall I it's like I got a new sound card!


Thank you!



At the moment the opamp is mounted directly on the card with no adapter, I have already ordered an adapter and will get it soldered asap.


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alright, i hope this doesn't make me sound completely idiotic, but i bought this card just last week ... love it from what i've heard so far listening through the headphone out with my lowly nuforce ne-7m's. the one thing, though, that i can't quite figure out is ... how do i lower the volume?!? i'm using the beta bitperfect asio in foobar and the only way i can figure out to lower volume is to lower it within foobar. i was hoping i could set the base level lower somehow, but nothing in the windows mixer or asus xonar panel seems to do anything.

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