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hi. i have an electric tamiya DF-03ra car, and i've somehow managed to loose some parts for it - specifically the ring hub that fits into the bottom of the c hub. i realised something was wrong after i noticed the front wheels were wobbling on the hubs, and steering was way too wide for the car (the whole steering thing was being held at the top. anyway, i know key replacement aluminium parts are available for this kit (nice blue) and all, but i just wanted to know if they'd contain the screws and washers i'd need to attach them, or if i'll have to reuse old parts (which are missing now). i've tried searching for specifically that screw set, but it's pricey and i'd be better off receiving the improved aluminium parts rather than keep the plastics.

and if so, are there any parts stockists in the uk (or europe?), because i don't particularly fancy waiting a month for such small parts.

i should have taken a picture of the car...

EDIT: found out the info for the aluminium parts - it does come with all the relevant screws. DF03-005BU