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I don't know, Australia is much closer than the US. My D10 has been flawless. As complicated as the unit is it is nice to see so few problems though I would always wish for no one to have problems with any equipment.
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Looks like the gremlins have struck me also. Last night my D10 began playing up.

1.No sound via optical digital input:
I had switched off the D10 and put in on charge for a few hours. When the red charging light went out I connected it up to my iRiver H140 via sysconcept toslink. No sound.

I double checked that the iRiver Settings/Playback still had Optical Output set to Yes.

Then I used my spare sysconcept toslink, still no sound.

Then I used the optical cable as supplied by iBasso, still no sound.

The optical signal light is obvious in the iRiver Digital Out port.

Then I connected the D10 via the iBasso Digital cable to my Dell M2010 SPDIF outlet. Again no sound. This had worked previously.

2.No Sound via digital USB Input
Connect up the USB cable to the D10 and USB port to my laptop. Vista displays as Playback Device “Speakers – USB Audio CODEC Working” and this is Selected.
Volume Mixer for Device “Speakers (USB Audio CODEC) displays animated green volume graphic.

3.I have no way of testing the Digital Coax Input

4.Faulty Aux In/Out
Using a selection of four 3.5mm interconnects, I can’t get sound out (or should that be ‘signal in’ from the source).
Sometimes, with a couple of the cables, if I push the plug in very slowly I get LH channel or RH channel or even both. This is when the plug is only partially inserted. But the sound is lost the moment I let go of the plug. There is no sound when the plug is pushed all the way in. The other two cables don’t even get this intermittent sound.

This, too, worked when first I got the amp so why it should fail now is a mystery.

To my untutored observation it seems clear that the DAC has totally broken and the Aux In/Out connector has developed a serious malfunction.

There seems little else for it but to email iBasso on Monday. If anyone has an idea in the meantime I would appreciate the contribution.
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have you tried using usb or optical and running the aux out to another amp rather than using the HP out?? because it seems to be common among all these that the aux-in or HP out jacks are faulty. seems they are using a cheap jack. I have also found that the jacks are slightly smaller than on all my other equipment. cables that fit in my other amps or adapters will not fit in the D10.
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qusp, thank you for the reply. I don't actually have another amp.

What you say about the size of the jacks relates to my experience but then some of these same cables worked before too. One of the cables is that provided by iBasso anyway.

I have resigned myself to emailing iBasso tomorrow and take their advices.

No matter what is said about the Aux In/Out the DAC doesn't work.
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Just to update, I emailed iBasso with the issue and brought their attention to qusp's opinion on the quality of the jack sockets - which would seem to be a valid one bearing in mind the fact that mine has failed.

I have just received a reply with the request to return the amp.
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