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Hey guys,

i'm thinking of buying the klipsch custom 2s from Klipsch Custom 2 Noise-Isolation Earphones £57.99 - Free Delivery but i don't know if they're like reliable, or if anyone has had any problems with it.

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They're also an seller and have a pretty good rating there: At a Glance: MyMemory

If you buy them from them but through Amazon and live in the UK, it's even cheaper, £54.99:
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Originally Posted by music_4321 View Post
If you buy them from them but through Amazon and live in the UK, it's even cheaper, £54.99:
Klipsch Custom 2 - High Performance Noise-Isolating: Electronics & Photo
You forgot to add on the £4.50 delivery from Amazon Marketplace whilst the OP's hyperlink says "Free Delivery".
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You're right. I stand corrected.
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ive not ordered from them myself but ive seen people recommend them on here before and not once yet seen anyone slating them. so i should think they would be fine
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I've bought from them before with no problems.

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I brought my TF10 from there and with no problems. I got it even recommend from a guy here.
Sometimes they got really the best deals with that free shipping.
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I've bought from there loads, no probs!
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I bought my Fuze from there.. They are good as customer service, cheap prices and free worldwide shipping on everything.
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We've been using them for years to get anything from headphones, batteries and flash cards and we never had a problem. Shipping is reliable and the pricing is very competitive.
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hi do the products that we buy from that web site come with a bill? If so, can we use that bill to apply for warranty? Someone has an idea about that?
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Yes, my TF10 came with a nice bill where you also can fill out some information at the bottom for warranty declaration.
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thnx for the information
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I bought my two Sandisk 128GB micro sd cards from them.  At the time I ordered them, they were out of stock but they kept me informed at frequent stages with the expected delivery dates.  They were £89.99p at the time and they have now come down to £79.99p, which is the cheapest UK price.  I checked the cards using the free program "h2testw" and both cards passed with flying colours.  (It takes about 3 hours for each card).   I am currently using them in my Fiio X5.with good results.


They sometimes advertise on Amazon marketplace, but if you check the Amazon price, always check the My Memory website, as it is usually much cheaper, as I suspect that Amazon add a premium to the price.


I have found them reliable to deal with and have no complaints at all.

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