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Car stereo, trans am

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I am tired of the monsoon setup in my 2002 trans am. It sounds terrible and the sail panel speakers are blown.

I need a headunit and some door speakers for now. I would like to do a non-amped setup because i simply have too many expenses at the moment to get high end speakers and an amp, etc. I have a 200$ giftcard for bestbuy that I would like to put towards this. I would like to use the gift card and invest up to 150$ in addition to setting this up.

What setup do you recommend I do? I can probably get components for the doors as they have a seperate tweater (but i hear components almost always require amps). (The size is 6 3/4 i believe).

What headunit and speakers should I get? Good quality while keeping this cheap.

Btw, I have 2 12' jl audio 12-w3-d6s subs in the trunk on a piece of **** sony class d amp (but surprisnly works well as far as bass is concerned).
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It sounds to me like you have more or less made up your mind as to what you are going to get (ie, where you are buying it from, what you are getting and the price range you are willing to spend). If money is tight, just buy something basic and maybe in a couple of years you can afford to do a system upgrade.

My advise would be to make a CD of the music you want to listen to and take it with you when you audition the systems. I don't know that there is a big difference in the sound quality between the choices Best Buy has but I would probably choose Alpine or Infinity over the other brands (just my preferences).

I would think the JL Audio subs would overpower your system but if you already own them that may very well be what kind of sound you are looking for. If you want them hooked up to your system check whether the head unit has a line-out capable of driving the Sony amp.

edit: for the line out it needs to have a subwoofer crossover filter to prevent the subs from dealing with higher than say 100 -200 hz. The Sony amp may very have such a filter built-in to so maybe check the amp first.
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