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Originally Posted by jilgiljongiljing View Post
On a related note, Porcupine tree is touring the US later this year, and I just bought tickets to watch them in SFO in september. \m/
They are also in Montreal on the 29 of September.
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I seem to recall hearing one Dream Theater CD a while back and not liking it, but I can't remember why not. Maybe it was the vocals? Perhaps I should give them a second chance.
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Ugh, they are stuck in a rut. "A Nightmare to Remember" does not give me high hopes for the rest of the album. It sounds like the last two albums; so formulaic and predictable. The lyrics are terrible. I love Awake and they have great songs spread throughout the rest of their albums, but they are stagnant. They have been on the same mindset since Train of Thought. I want to like them, since I know what they have done in the past, but Christ, mix it up a bit...
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I've preordered my copy, but after listening through the leaked album I've downloaded (hey, I still bought the CD, so don't judge), it feels like Octavarium all over again. "The best of Times" is just too damn happy and mainstream sounding, or at least the first few minutes of it are. Then, their more "epic" songs, starts off ok, before becoming longwinded and draggy. I hope I'll grow to like it, I think I will, eventually, hopefully.
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I'm going to hold off on downloading a copy, despite having a pre-order in.

I, too, am hoping that this album breaks from the formula--some bands I listen to because I want to hear the same old thing, just with a slightly different chord progression. Prog bands are not on that list, or at least, they're not supposed to be.

I mean, hell, take a look at Beardfish. They're retro prog and they sound fresher than DT to my ears.
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I am not sure if any of you seen a thread of mine about Dream Theater (where to start), but since that time from the original thread, I have acquired Images and Words, as well Awake. I really enjoy both albums, IAW for its melodic changes and harmonic progression and Awake for its more heavier guitar riffs. Before I go ahead and get their newest release, I need to catch up with more older releases. I am somewhat a man of chronology.
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I have heard the final mix of the new album for the first time yesterday and I am still not a huge fan of Paul Northfield's work with Dream Theater. The last 2 albums that he did with them sound compressed and lack dynamics

It's still slightly better than Systematic Chaos..
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I think the covers are actually mixed much better than the main album I agree that A Nightmare to Remember sounds very much like anything they released after Six degrees, but the rest of the album sounds better and more varied though. Not among their best, but pretty solid.
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Originally Posted by uriz3n View Post
I think the covers are actually mixed much better than the main album.
x2, it's probably because all the covers have been mixed by Kevin Shirley.
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I have all their albums. But I kinda lost interest after Train of thought. I love all their albums until ToT. But I just cannot get myself to listen to their newer offerings. I have all the CDs, but I guess I do not have the patience anymore. Like someone else said here, they have got into a rut or something. But as usual, I most probably will be buying this one too.
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Originally Posted by pfillion View Post
I have heard the first two songs of the album and I think that it's going to be their best effort since SFAM.
Now thats saying a lot...
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The album is very good, a lot better than Systematic Chaos.
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I enjoy it very much. It seems to be bit of sunshine after Systematic Chaos. I have not done any critical listening of it yet, so I am only basing my opinion off of grooviness and other such terms.
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Picked up the album today. Listening to "A Nightmare to Remember" right now (that's all I'll listen to tonight, it's late ).
I'm really enjoying the components of the song, but it seems kind of mish-mashed, lots of different elements and themes not quite fitting as nicely as they could. Good overall, just a few bits seem a little out of place.

I'll be able to have a better listen to the whole album tomorrow night.
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Ehhhh even more cheese than normal.
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