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Summermoon's wood-fired beans here in Austin :D.

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wood roasted? just went to the website might have to order some of that. 

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Yeah, it's incredible stuff. They make a "007" and "Moonraker" iced coffee with their signature moonmilk that is perhaps the best coffee drink I've ever had. I've tried about half of their beans - Blue Blazes and Velvet Blaze I think are their main beans IIRC. Really smooth when prepared in a vacuum process IME!

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Right on, I'll add it to my list. Bean smith and archetype are pretty legit here in Omaha.
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Fortunately, we have many go-to places out here in Portland. My favorite is called Stumptown Coffee. They do an unwashed Salvadoran bean that is just out of this world. I honestly did not realize coffee could have so much and such complex flavor after years of Starbucks swill. :smile: High-quality coffee=good.

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For me, I prefer Death Wish Ground Coffee. I drink roughly 2.5 cups per day, not sure if that makes me a heavy user, but Death Wish didn't turn me into Jason Statham in "Crank." I don't know if Death Wish really is double the strength as regular coffee, or if I'm just immune to caffeine, but I cannot say that this coffee affected me differently than any other coffee. If that's why you're buying Death Wish, you have been warned - after all, 19.99 is steep for 16 ounce bag of coffee. My heart stayed at sub hummingbird levels, I was able to operate heavy machinery, and I didn't stay up till 4 in the morning. In conclusion, I lived with a Death Wish, and I survived.

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I love Batangas Kapeng Barako. 

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Death wish coffee high in caffeine great in taste.
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