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only talking about COFFEE itself, not gadgets or preparation or milk/sugar etc.

were talking brands/varieties within same brand, or just 'types' for lack of a better word.
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Jamaican Blue Mountain~!!!!!!!
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I'm into some South African Fair-Trade coffee at the moment. And, as with all Canadians, I have an addiction to Tim Hortons...
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I like the fruity coffees, especially Yemen origins.
Also, the crisp, clean taste of Costa Rica coffee is nice.

JBM is overrated and overpriced. I have had Colombian coffee that rivals it in taste etc.


To clarify JBM has a nice taste, but for the price the marginal taste difference in some good Colombian coffees I see the marginal cost to be too high.
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My favs, in order....

French Roast
Kenyan AA
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I buy green beans from Sweet Maria's and roast them at home. I've been using their Monkey Blend for espresso, and I keep a large selection of other coffees for normal drinking. I am quite partial to Yemeni coffees (mattari!).
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Whole bean Dunkin Donuts coffee, nothing better. For Me
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If you live in Australia, get your coffee from Best coffee I've found. Regrettably, though I love Yemen Mocha, the only place I found it here over-roasts it. So locally I have Guatemala or some or another variety of mocha.
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Originally Posted by Joelby View Post
I'm into some South African Fair-Trade coffee at the moment. And, as with all Canadians, I have an addiction to Tim Hortons...
It's not just a Canadian thing. All I buy is Tim's fine-grind. I know it's not exotic, but I love it. I like Dunkin' Donuts too. I can't drink Starbucks, waaaay to bitter for my taste. Bleh....

I haven't tried any of the so-called 'good' stuff except for some Jamaican that I brought home from a vacation there. I suppose ignorance is bliss in this instance and is very likely saving me a few bucks on my hot beverages.
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Paradise Roasters changed my life. I've never bought anything from them that didn't just floor me with it's quality. No other roaster has come close (for me). I like the heavier espresso varieties, myself-- Jamaican Blue Mountain tastes like water to me-- really expensive water.
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One of my favorite coffees is Deep Disco from Gimme! Coffee - Home Page.

I like to use Illy but at over $20/pound its too pricey. Sometimes I buy a can of Illy decaf because I don't use it that much.

Right now I'm using Mayorga Cafe Cubano roasted in Rockville MD. Its about $12 for 2 lbs at Costco but its excellent stuff.

I make my coffee in an esspresso machine. I do a double long shot so its closer in consistency to regular coffee than esspresso. Except that it has a nice layer of crema on top.
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I love a roast called Espresso Diablo. You can get it from a few places online.. it lives up to the name.
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I like Green Mountain coffee K-Cups with the Keurig brewer, off the hook!
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if in the uk, Monmouth coffee is hands-down the best i have tasted in the world:

Monmouth Coffee Shop - Frome - Coffee Shops - Qype
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I've been home roasting for almost a year. This morning we had Sulawesi AA Wet-Process Toarco at home, then for my second cup I had Guatemala Oriente Dry-Process. This is an amazingly intense coffee, lots of dark chocolate. Very different from typical WP Guatemalan coffees. I currently have around 10 varieties on hand, and typically roast 2-3 each week.
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