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Zionic: good to see you've settled right in here (I'm a bit of a lurker myself, but Head-Fi is a great community of supportive and knowledgeable audiophreaks). I'm looking into that very cable myself for my impending K702 purchase (which is following my recent WA6 amp order, which I justified after buying the HF-2s, which I upgraded from 125s after I got my RSA SR-71... and it's only been 2 years since I joined!), and would be very interested to hear how you think it sounds paired with the AKGs. Also, how long had you been listening to the 702s before deciding to recable them?
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K702s are fun because you can roll cables to find one that works. K701, not so easy :-)

They are a bright, revealing soundstage can. They are not warm and friendly like HD650s but they excel for many genres of music. Make sure that's what you really want before you buy them.
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My new complements - full size SE - my cables before being shipped from DHC site.
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He's a big boy.
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I received my Senns HD650 Double Helix 10 ft."BLACK OUT"style upgrade cables last week! First things First, Peter was very helpful with info on cable choices. His Build Quality is Top Shelf....Now I've used silver I.C.s and speaker cables throughout my main system and after many yrs. of Listening with other A-philes, I've learned when to use silver and copper wire/s while complimenting components..Long story short..Our choice of "Copper" cables for my HD650s proved just what I love in the sound of headphones...Great Bottom End, Voice/Instrument detail brought to life and that so called veil GONE..VERY NICE! Thanks Peter.....GREAT JOB........duke...PS. Best $$$ Value, for his Build Quality!!!
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I am about to pay Peter for his artistic cable for HD650 and foregoing my SAA Equinox. I am not sure whether I will be beneficial of this attempt? Perhaps those with both cables can share your experience. Thanks in advance.
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hd800 cables

IpodPJ, did you get the silver or copper DHC Complement HD800 cables? You said yours are custom. Looking for some inspiration in choosing between silver and copper, and the other Complement options. Since this is the best you've heard, may I ask what other HD800 cables youve heard? The ALO copper looks like another appealing option.
The 10 foot silver is the same price as the SAA Voice cable, but I don't see DHC getting flak for the pricing like SAA did. I thought maybe people are more impressed with the results of DHC? Haven't tried any of the pricyer cables yet, but am interested.
I've only tried the APS silver/copper hybrid, and the SE Cardas. The APS was too fast/bright on some cds. Have the balanced Cardas on order for trial, but the SE Cardas struck me as nice, but not a big enough improvement.
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Funny that this thread is still alive almost a year after I made it :) Well, I went back to Peter again for another cable, this time for the LCD-2. I'll be posting my impressions of his Molecule cable here when I get it.. It'll likely be the last upgrade I do to my setup for a long long time. I say this every 6 months but, whatever. ;)

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I am looking for a hd25 cable replacement, I had a headphile but I don't find it really useable in real life, like in the subway...it 's not enough flexible....

Can you tell me more about this cable, the flexibility and if it's usable in portable configuration ....


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PascalT, so how does the LCD2 sound with the Molecule cable? Eagerly waiting for an impression :)

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Has any one compared the aps(apuresound) cable to any of these?

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