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Well, you are correct, you are not likely to change my mind. As I sort of hinted at before, I am talking about this from experience. I used to smoke up relatively frequently (and yes, it was kind bud). I stopped because it made me look AND feel stupid. There is no denying fact, marijuana kills a hell of a lot of brain cells, so even if you start out with a lot, eventually you are going to end up with a lot less. If that is what you want to do, then great, congradulations, it appears to be working already. When I said that drugs were the apex of mediocrity, I meant it, they push you nowhere but down. Any drug induced epiphany pales in comparison to a natural one -- a flood of images and senses from a mind that is being poisoned with foreign substances cannot compete with the output of a healthy mind releasing itself from everday reality. Natural dreams and sensory deprivation induced hallicunations are far safer and more beneficial. For a real mind blowing experience, try meditating for several hours in a quite dark place; it is much more profound than any psychotropically induced "trip".
From your post, I gather you are at one of any number of New England boarding schools, one of which I also attended. You are correct, many many people smoke, and many of them are smart. You can get away with it in high school; probably in college too. But the fact is, that smoking up every day will seriously impact your potential. Whether it lowers your grades depends on your school, courses and so on, but it certainly will make you "less of a threat" to be truly exceptional. The PSAT's are one thing. Try taking the GRE or MCAT high, and you will not get too far. I want to let you know that despite the strength of the wording in my post, I have nothing against you, or anyone who smokes pot. I have countless friends (and family) that do it, but it really is something that I think is such a detrimental and ill-advised habit. There is so much beauty in life that is absent when you are seeing through the thick gauze of narcotic stupor. I really feel that the world would be a better place if instead of people sitting around getting high and drunk, they just talked of philosophy, literature, music and love. It is so much more interesting.
Finally, please do not criticize Nabokov if you obviously know nothing about him. (Having read "Lolita" does not count as knowing something about him, although it is a start.) He is one of the world's greatest writers, and he had a very strong personal code of ethics -- one that assaulted all that was evil in the world, whether it be totalitarians, sophists or narcotics. To say that he is silly only makes trivializes your argument.
I can tell that we have an enormous difference of opinion, not likely to influence each other. Realizing that, and that I have said all I want to say, I am not going to post any further to this thread.
I come in peace.
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>>Pot is essentially a selfish drug - it's a whole lot of fun as long as you're the one smoking it. If you're straight and you're around someone who's smoking, they get very boring very quickly.

Its basically like that with any substance you like though. Not being on the same level as the people your chilllin with sometimes isnt to much fun. And if one of my friends is smoking in front of me and im not blazed Im pretty sure theyd pass it in my direction .

>> On the other hand, alcohol is a more social drug. This says nothing about the relative addictive or harmful qualities of either drug.

So you say you like being around drunk people? I dunno, im not gonna comment on alcohol, I dont really like drinking. Sure its "fun" every once in a while but it doesnt do anything for me I particularly appreciate. (Exceptions: chillin with a lot of people, when Im really depressed [lol I know, not good], tellin stories with old friends). I prefer to learn from mind altering substances, not get "messed up", although a little recreation every once in a while is ok too.

>>You might like to read "The Botany of Desire (A Plant's-Eye View of the World)" by Michael Polan.

Sounds like an interesting book. I may check it out next time im near a book store.

>>Ever been to Copenhagen? ...[fast foreward]... funny how we hear about Amsterdam but not Copenhagen.

Nope never been. One of the reason we hear about amsterdam more could be the existance of hundreds of coffee shops and smart shops vs. 20 small shacks .

stuartr - You make some good points in your post, although I dont agree with all of them. I especially liked that you brought up dreaming and meditation. I beleive that dreaming, meditation, and tripping are the three most easily accessable doorways into other levels of the human conciousness and im focusing most strongly on this beleif right now.

Nope no New England boarding school. Back at the good ol public school. I kinda miss boarding school though. I mean it was boring as **** but I had a looooot of time to think. Thats basically all I did. Before I went there my life had no direction and most of my recreational drug use was for fun. The thinking I did there helped to move me towards the path Im on (heading for?) now.

Im not looking to be a threat . Ive never even heard of the GREs or MCATs and I dont plan on taking them. Although its nice to see and a little bit of an ego boost to score well on tests this really doesnt matter to me any more. Or atleast I realize it shouldnt.

>>There is so much beauty in life that is absent when you are seeing through the thick gauze of narcotic stupor.

This is one part of your post that most strongly do not agree with. But thats only my view on it. Id say there is so much beauty in life that is absent when only viewed from a single perspective.

And dont worry, It doesnt at all seem like you are attacking me or have anything against me. I dont mind a little friendly disagreement of oppinion. If everyone thought the same this world would be pretty boring eh?

>>I really feel that the world would be a better place if instead of people sitting around getting high and drunk, they just talked of philosophy, literature, music and love. It is so much more interesting.

Love, philosophy, literature, and music. Youve just hit upon four of the most important things in my life. Youre a good guy. Of course I would have to add that I find it is much easier to view things from different angles and on a larger scope after encorporating perspectives and information learned on various trips into your thinking. Trippers are some of the greatest philosphers.

All that I know of Nabokov is the quote you showed me. And from what I have seen either he said that without thinking, or he is somewhat closed minded. I was only trying to say his lack of openness on this topic was silly, not that he as a man was silly.

Yep we do seem to have a pretty large difference in oppinion. But thats ok, I enjoy talking to people that dont agree with me. It helps me to see where theyre coming from, and even if I dont agree with eveything they say at least its allowed me to think differently and try to view things as they (you) do. Always good. Of course if you dont want to post any more thats fine too. Whatever you like. It was nice chattin with ya.
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Here here, I really respect your comments and reply. It was very considerate and well-thought out. We disagree about smoking up, but that is about it. I am glad that you did not take my post the wrong way. Strong opinions are one thing, sweeping condemnations are another. I think I understand your comment about Nabokov a little better now. He can come off a little close-minded, I think I would characterize it a little differently. He considered everything very carefully, and then made his own opinion, which was thereafter etched in stone. I think you would really really enjoy one of his books however. It is called Invitation to a Beheading. Are you familiar with Gnosticism at all? You might like that too. It is an old heretical offshoot of christianity that held that God was a being of pure energy, human souls being a part of that energy. The body and the world was built as a trap for the soul by a devil type character. The theory was that if you completely reject reality, then it will disappear and your soul will go back to God. Of course it was ruthlessly repressed by the Vatican. ANYWAY, this book is about a Gnostic in prison in a made up totalitarian regime. The book is extremely poetic and interesting, but beyond that, it is one of the funniest I have ever read. If you are interested in consciousness and so on, check it out.
Anyway, I have to get offline because my girlfriend is supposed to call.
P.S. I really liked your list of sounds in that other post. The bong still is one of my favorite sounds, even though I don't like what comes out of it!
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Gnosticism? "VALIS" by Philip K. Dick will definitely confuse, freak and enlighten.
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>>He considered everything very carefully, and then made his own opinion, which was thereafter etched in stone.

The more I learn about this Nabokov the less I like him, hehehe. Now instead of seeming closed minded, he seems egotistical and closed minded. There is nothing wrong with forming your own oppinions and sticking to them to a point, but being "etched in stone", they are unchangable. Did this man think he knew everything there was to know in the world? To the point that his preformed views were 100% correct and he couldnt learn anything more from anyone else? Sticking by what you believe is one thing, but closing your mind to any other possibilities is pretty short sighted. Sure I beleive many things today, but very few things are absolute. What I learn tomorrow may furthor shape what I beleive today and lead my thoughts in a new direction. I guess I should read some of Nabokov's books before I try to figure him out much more though, lol. Ill check out some of his writings next time I get a chance. Gnosticism sounds pretty interesting. Regretablly, I have yet to check out any different religions in depth. My beleifs in religions so far are only based on the aspects of popular religions I have rejected, and a few concepts I have thought up that make sence to me. In time I will explore all the different religious beleifs I can find out about, I just havent gotten to it yet. I still have some time .

Yeah the bong does sound really nice, I love that sound. Although not as significant to me as the other 9 sounds on the list, it has the ability to make me smile like a fool every time I hear it .

aeberbach - Ill try check out that book too. So much to read! Most of my christmas money will be spent on books, then on cds. Well maybe AIBO will cost more but im more interested in the books and music so AIBO will have to wait till I get around to picking one up.
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Gnosticism? "VALIS" by Philip K. Dick will definitely confuse, freak and enlighten.
a great book. i collect pkd first editions, not an easy task considering many were paperback 1st editions.

check out his "a scanner darkly". it's his best book, and very appropriate for this thread, btw. much of what he writes about was mirrored in his real life.
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