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Hi gorgon!

Are you using some nicotine substitution treatment (nicotine chewing-gums, inhalers, patches...)?

I made an essay on smoking cessation (and also on the benficial effects of nicotine ); and lots of studies show that those substitutive treatements are really a great help for heavily addicted smokers.

Anyway, IMO, the first week is the hardest from the 'physiological' point of view (the 'craving' sensation)...then it is just a matter of'll have to resist to temptation (in bars and places where people usually smoke).

I stopped for 6 month last time, but hellas, il fell back....
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Tabacco is a dirty weed.
From the devil it did breed.
It stains your fingers, soils your clothes,
And makes a chimney of your nose.
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Good luck Gorgon. Don't be a victim of the tobacco companies, they're laughing as they watch you slowly kill yourself while paying for the privilege. It took me a few times to give up, but eventually I did it properly, no patches or other stuff.
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aeberbach, don't insinuate that patches or gums are a bad thing, as those may really help a lot of people to quit. There are lots of techniques to quit, but studies have shown that the most effective one was the use of a nicotine substitute for a limited period, so people who tried to quit alone with no success should be advised to try nicotine replacement (aka gums, patches, inhalers ou tablets...)
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Sure, many people use them with success. I gave up before the patches were available.
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Smoker for about 30 years now,probably kill my ass dead
But hey,gotta die of something.Would really suck to go on a health kick,quit smoking,eat the right foods,workout,take up jogging then .............

WHAMMO !!!!!!!

"New Fairfield man hit by schoolbus while jogging,family mourns" (national guard called out to quell riot)

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Good luck'll need it. I hope you're able to do something I've never been capable of. Although I haven't tried in quite awhile. I'm with rickcr42 on this one. Been smoking various things (cigs,pipes,cigars, etc, etc.) for going on 40 years now. Prefered smoke right now is roll your own Drum tobacco. I roll 'em real thin......brings back fond memories and causes quite a few stares in public. I savor every one (I smoke about 10-15 per day). Cost is $3 for about 75 cigs. As rick said.....ya gotta die of somethin'. Might as well enjoy it.
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ya gotta die of somethin'. Might as well enjoy it
Yes you have to die of something, but I'd rather die quickly and peacefully at 85 than die slowly and painfully from emphysema at the age of 55.

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My last cigarette was on 8/2/77. Three pack a day Camel smoker. It took a long time before I was sure I was never going to smoke again, but the prospects are looking pretty good . It took many attempts before I was able to make one stick. So, just take it one day at a time, and don't kick yourself if you have the urge to smoke. Just choose not to smoke *this* time. Do that enough times in a row, and you'll be well on your way to kicking the habit.
I'm not going to say good luck, that's not what you'll need. Determination, persistence, and sheer bullheadedness are more important.
And if this attempt doesn't work? Don't kick yourself, just pick yourself up and try again. Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs there is, and it's not going to be easy to get clear of it. Just take it one choice at a time. One day, and it won't be soon, you'll look back and realize that you're finally an ex-smoker.

Go for it!
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I'm a 20 a day kinda person...

Have been for about 5 years now... Can't live with them... can't live without them... so, I just plod along, puffing away...

I've also got asthma... that makes me 50 times more likely to die than a non asthma suffering smoker...

Oh well... not to worry
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Originally posted by rickcr42
But hey,gotta die of something.
Oh, please! I wouldn't have expected something like that from you, rickmeister. Don't even try to rationalize it like that! Come on, quit already! Who knows how many years you could gain. (not that I'm trying to make it sound easy or anything )
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Luckly, I never got addicted to cigarettes, bought 1 packet in my life at college and didn't like it so I never bought another packet. I find it didn't do anything apart from making me cough and it's like burning money.

But good luck on your journey to beat the "cancer sticks".
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Watch Clerks... there's a hilarious anti-smoking scene in there.

Anyway, get hooked on running or hiking or biking or something. Then you'll quit smoking so you can run/hike/bike better.
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I really feel for you. Almost 2 years now, but I'll never forget how bad it was when I quit. At least I hope not, 'cause that helps keep me from trying another. It's tough.

I only gained 30 lbs, and I've managed to get rid of 10 of that. My SO quit at the same time, and our house, cars, everything seems cleaner and smells better.

One piece of advice; I quit about 30 years ago and did real well for about 2 months . Then I stopped in a little college bar and had a beer. I couldn't get hold of a cigarette fast enough. It wasn't so much the beer as the atmosphere. Watch that. Give it a year and You Will Be Amazed how good you'll feel.

Keep hangin' in.
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You got rid of 10 pounds? How?!? I can't shift an ounce.
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