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just wondered how many people here are smokers. Or former smokers. I'm on my second day of quitting.... approaching 48 hours and i'm getting kinda restless. actually i'm bouncing off the walls. actually i probably shouldn't be around people today.

experiences, comments. lay it on me.
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I'm 99% behind you.
Don't give up gorgon_123.

I'm a non-first-hand smoker.
It means I'm a second-hand smoker.
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Stick with it Gorgon_123. I'm not a smoker but a friend of mine quit about a year ago. He just went cold turkey one day. He has smoked a few since then but it isn't on a daily basis anymore. He usually just smokes when we're out drinking. Another friend of mine tried to quit this past year but she couldn't give it up. I've tried to get her to quit again but she won't listen to me.
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I am an X-smoker and I feel your pain man. KEEP AT IT. And the #1 thing to remember is that even if you relapse once after quiting for months the urge will be back at 80% strength... If you relapse within a week of that relapse the urge will be almost full power again. Something that might help you would be vitamin B before you go to bed. It is very good for your brain and I find it helps me relax and forget about cigarettes.

PS it is a long journey. It's been over a year since I quit and whenever I smell cigarettes I want to smoke one just for a moment. I sometimes think the desire will never go away but it IS going away. It gets weaker with each passing day it just takes a long time. Be in control man, tell yourself you like the pain and curse the nicotine gods to damnation!!
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I quit two years ago. Course, I was 50 pounds lighter then...
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You made my day, TerriblySorry!
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Originally posted by TerriblySorry
I quit two years ago. Course, I was 50 pounds lighter then...
That was uncalled for.

Keep it up! Look at it this way: your headphones will go back to smelling nice!!!

I have a friend who smokes. I've been telling her to quit, but she just doesn't listen.

Oh well, maybe when we get out of high school, she'll find more time or something. . .
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Welcome to the club; I'm eleven days in and determined to make it this time.

Great line from movie (can't remember name -- probably due to smoking non-tobacco products in the 60's):smoking-psychiatrist to trying-unsuccesfully-to-quit-smoker...

"Ya' know, there are two kinds of people in the world -- smokers and non-smokers. Decide which one you are... and be it".

Good luck to both of us in our decision to be non-smokers.
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But seriously...

Quit, quit, quit. It's definately the way to go. I used to hate waking up feeling like crap until I'd puffed my way through at least 3-4 roll-ups. And even then, the crappyness returns during the day, needing yet more puffs to calm it all down again. Best grin and bare the withdrawl, it doesn't last long. Get some patches, they might help. But never, ever have "just one puff". You'll only want more. That's what happened to me. I've quit 3 times now.
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First of all, welcome back Gorgon. Where have you been?

In regards to smoking, the end of Decemeber will mark one year without for me. Of course I realise that NOBODY should smoke. It's dirty, stinks and wraps you in an iron clad addiction. But I swear, after a year, I'm STILL cranky as hell. I know I do a hell of a lot more yelling at work than I used to do. I sure hope this will pass, but I'm honestly thinking about getting on some kind of tranquilizer to mellow out! But would I go back to smoking at this point? No ****ing way. It's too much work to quit and too deadly to start again. Gorgon, stay off the freakin weeds. Especially if you've only been smoking a few years. Me, I smoked for 24 years before I quit this year. Who even knows if it's not too late and I've already planted the cancer seed to strongly. So stay off them. Aiotron's comment about trying to quit was very interesting. QUOTE: "The #1 thing to remember is that even if you relapse once after quiting for months the urge will be back at 80% strength... If you relapse within a week of that relapse the urge will be almost full power again." I don't know where he got his figures, but EMOTIONALLY that sound about right. A few months ago, I got drunk at a party a smoked about five cigarettes (man, that's nothing. I used to do that every hour). I'll tell you, all I could think was "CIGARETTE Mmmmmm...." for a ****ing week afterwards! What a stranglehold nicotine lays on you. And I know if I would have broke down that week, I would have been right back on them. Very scary.
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>>Gorgon, stay off the freakin weeds.

The weeds never hurt no one

But yea, stogues are bad. I still smoke a half pack to a pack a day and I wish I could quit. The thing is after I blaze or after I eat I like a stogue and whenever I roll I suck em down like candy. So If I tried to quit I dunno how good Id do. Im sure some day ill realize and attempt quitting, but just not today...

Good luck on quitting! Stick with it man.
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Keep with it Gorgon! Think of all the money you can spend on headphones with the savings!
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where's apheared when you need him
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Gorgon, it will be hard, but you won't regret giving up smoking. When you realise that you can now smell the flowers, taste food and walk up stairs without panting, you will be pleased you did it.

I was a two pack a day smoker for ten years, and I gave up a few years ago. Now I run 60-70k a week and do respectable times in road races, and I've never felt better. My only regret is not giving up smoking a lot sooner.

If you ever feel a craving, tell us about it and we will give you moral support.

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thanks for all the support everyone. i'd feel like a **** had i taken up smoking while i was away from this thread

but alas i'm still a nonsmoker. this is my 3rd try in the last year and a bit. this time my girlfriend and i are quitting at the same time so we got the buddy system going on. my biggest fear is going out with the guys - after a few beers i'll stop caring about my health i'm sure.

maybe i'll just spend all my evenings posting here
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