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Originally Posted by DefectiveAudioComponent View Post
That looks like an unusually well-made headset. I like both the headband and the open-back design. Does it have a good driver inside? How about opening it up and take a picture?
Yes, they looks well-made and will be great to see the drivers too.
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Originally Posted by Acix View Post
Yes, they looks well-made and will be great to see the drivers too.
Sorry Guys.. I have to buy it, just was asking if it is any good.
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Originally Posted by krmathis View Post
My only vintage headphone right now, an early K240 Sextett.
Produce around 1975-1980, I think.

Oh my. Those are in immaculate condition, AND with paperwork Very cool. Is there anything interesting in the literature?

I'm thinking of replacing the headband/flattened pads on my pair, but I'll probably end up stuffing foam inside, so it retains it's look.

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Nice gallery. Keep them comin'.
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K340s. Really great for 1980 but needs equalization to get decent treble.
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My K340 has plenty of treble. Perhaps your electrets are not working as well as they should be? Also your pads look a little flat.
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TOSHIBA HR-50 .... beauty ..
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Very nice NuBreed, how is the cross over effect?
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Yamaha YH-1000 Natural Sound

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RFT DK75-1
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Pioneer SE-500

Makeover of a pair of vintage headphones:

Pioneer SE-500 as a base model:
1) replaced single sided cable (with terrible oxidation) with a silver plated oxygen free copper stranded cable sleeved in PVC in a 4 conductor round litz dual entry cable
2) removed original headband and replaced with a Beyerdynamic leatherette headband
3) removed the piezoelectric drivers (though interesting technically, they sounded poopy) with SFI ribbon tweeters (120 ohm)
4) added additional damping to remove midbass resonance and to extend treble extension
5) removed fabric screen from the back of the cups (unnecessary IMO, but looks better now)

I think that they sound good, but probably because of the effort I put into them . I've since given them to my younger brother and he thinks they sound pretty good as well .

I don't think you'll ever see them on the street, but they have that distinct 1970's kitschy/classy style.
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Hello all,

I picked these up recently and haven't been able to find any info on them, but I'm thinking about working on them a bit (there's some echo/distortion across the (reversed) left/right channels), and picking up some kind of replacement pads as the current ones smell a bit smokey. They sound like they could be half decent with a bit of love.




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They look like either a rebrand or knockoff of the Pioneer SE-L40's

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AKG K140 





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Technics EAH-500 - very nice bass response, gr8 for portables




AKG K1 - very nice look :) and decent sound




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