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Looks like a variant of the Sawafuji SF-17: http://wiki.faust3d.com/wiki/index.php?title=Sawafuji_SF-17

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Okay found these Zenith headphones at a local Restore store. Cant find anything about them online, dont know the model number,  and cannot figure out how to open them up. The cable is spotty so I'd like to fix them. Sound is decent....


Anyone know these?




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Anyone know these?


I've seen them under other names like 'Watson'.

I tried out the other one I saw and thought they sounded like poop. Just a cheap cone driver inside.

The build felt really nice though with the pressed aluminium shell.


I guess you need to have a little look under the earpads for some screws to open them. That's how it usually goes.

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yeah I'm sure they're a cheapie. These have the Zenith name on them....


they deffly do not compare with my Sennheissers and Audio Technicas, nor my daughter's Bluedios for that matter....



So to get at the screws I would have to remove the ear pads, which are glued on? After which I would need to re-adhesive'ize back on?



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Normally the pads are just stuck on with strong double sided tape type stuff, which just requires a bit of patience.

If they are actually glued on (which is really unusual as glue = more time and money for manufactuers) then you risk destroying the pads when removing them.

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still getting url errors.

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^ I tried those too before ( copied the relevant url out ) oh well...must be a linux issue here or copied link on top of highlighted? Anyhow:  glad you posted those pictures up  thanks. Like that green.

"Flat Wave" is a new name for the driver to me, I think it sounds good.

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Wow, GREQ... those earpads really did the trick.


For those who are confused: I bought a Pioneer SE-450 from GREQ for the earpads, which are identical to the pads from the Monitor 10-II. My pads were really badly flattened and didn't seal well at all. First I tried just swapping the pads... this made them sound almost identical to the NOS pair I used to have. Which is to say, better, but still has some of the same issues as before (weird holes and peaks in the FR, some ringing).


After that, I sandwiched them together overtop of the stock pads instead... oh lord. The already great soundstage has at least doubled in size, and the linearity problems in the FR seem to be gone. Additionally, the bass is even more massive, and still amazingly clean and clear... Like right now these are literal subwoofers. They are pushing more bass than Beats, with less distortion than the LCD-2... and yet they still maintain their clarity and separation. It doesn't bleed or overwhelm at all. It's just a massage. I have literally never heard anything like this. 


More tomorrow when it's not 3 AM.

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Oh fantastic. 
I was wondering yesterday if and when you would get the parts. Glad to hear it wasn't a wasted journey across the Atlantic.


Not sure if I mentioned it already, but the 'tears' on the back of the ear pads are not tears, but where they used the double-sided tape to 'seal' the pads where the material overlaps at the back.

So there should be quite some life left in them if you seal up the backs of the pads properly where the tape tore.

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Originally Posted by GREQ View Post

There... cleaned it up for you



Thanks! Didn't know it would show up like that. The moderator had to approve my post so I had no idea how it would show up. Picture uploader on here wouldn't work for me either so I just used the Photobucket links. 

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