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Originally Posted by jamato8 View Post
You can play and charge the D10 at the same time, no problem. I have from day one. If the battery should die in a few years, it is easy to change and not very expensive. Just use it and enjoy.
Hi jamato,

Thanks for your info, very help full


Thanks for all your help
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Originally Posted by MR. Hmm View Post
Now i have one last question, Hifidk said that it was a bad idea to charge the D10 and play music from it at the same time. But i have heard other places that it´s not a problem, so can anyone tell me what is right and wrong?

MR. Hmm.
Ah.. Sorry if I gave you wrong information. It seems like you can turn the charge switch on 24/7 and still can use it for quite a long time. However, if you charge only when you need, you will get longer battery life. Anyways, it will not die very fast even if you turn it on 24/7, so you can do that. I just charge whenever needed to maximize the battery life. Here is the quote from HeadphoneAddict, which lead me to think that I should turn the charge switch on only when the battery is dead.
Originally Posted by HeadphoneAddict View Post
It has a switch to turn off charging while it is plugged in. So you could leave it turned on and connected to the USB with the charge switch off, then just flip it on about every 35 hours when the battery dies, then after it is charged 2-3 hours later flip it off. That should last you about 2 years if you run it 24/7, but at least 3-4 years if you turn it off when you are not using it. Once the battery gets old it may still wear out in 3-5 years, even if it doesn't have 500 charge cycles on it.
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I have a d2 boa now. You just need to connect it to your pc with usb cable then you can charge and play at the same time
I think d2 can drive you further earphones since I am using se530 with 75ohms cable which is total 110+ ohms, and it is easily driven
but I couldn't find a significant improvement from this setup, so I am moving to rsa hornet
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Originally Posted by MR. Hmm View Post
Ok, good to know I nearly bought the D2 because I don´t wanted to wait for the D10. Yes maybe i should look at the wadia ipod transport witch can take pure digital output from a ipod, I can feel that this hobby is going to hurt my wallet
there are cheaper ways to get digital out than that. IMO the wadia is overpriced. a cheap/ish soundcard with optical out will suffice. it doesnt have to be high end. some of the M-Audio gear will work nicely; as will some stuff from echo. along with many others.
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