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Like- why not. I'm Canadian and live pretty close to their warehouse so I figured why not and went ahead and ordered them. Worst that can happen is they cancel the order and refund my PayPal, or phone/email me re/mistake and/or cancel the order - or, hey, maybe they'll honour their mistake - hell, it's only $25 for 3 sets of cans and some needed cabling.
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Can you scope out their location for me and see if they look legit? I'm interested in some of their headphones they sell but don't want to risk $250.00 with an unknown company.
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Originally Posted by El_Doug View Post
i went through their entire headphone category (all 500+ products), none had a $0 listing

still, i love when websites mess up the pricing if only they honored the mistakes... id have $50 HD600's right now
I would own Lenovo .
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I just placed an order too. there are actually five listed at 0.00 but the other two didnt seem worth the shipping
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Try not to spread this around if you guys want to be successful.

If too many hear about it.. you'll have that one guy who tries to order 100 free headphones in one order.
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sometimes places will honor the pricing error. I didn't run into such luck with dell.
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Isn't there consumer laws that say they must honor the advertised price? I know Futureshop in Canada always honours pricing errors.
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I will only be pissed if they charge the total price for shipping and only send the $10 cable, but I dont think they even caan charge more to my account
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I want that 20 seconds of my life back.
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I'm giving it a shot. If the two headphones get canceled then I'm canceling the whole order.
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I have a feeling none of us are getting any free headphones...
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Originally Posted by olblueyez View Post
I want that 20 seconds of my life back.
Like my new avatar?
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here's an extension chord fer ya

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It was a secured internet site and seems to be legit, I am fairly sure if none of us get what we ordered and all complain to the better business bureau it would be bad for them, they are better off to change their prices today and honour our orders.....plus Charliex lives near them so we can all get togther and protest outside their warehouse!
"Unfair to Head-fiers!"
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Well, I checked their website and they have change all the prices to their actual prices. My CC has yet to be charged any more and the transaction hasn't been canceled yet. Lets hope for the best our orders will get honored or we will be offered complete cancellations so we won't be tethered to buying just a cable.
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