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I have a pair of the Aerial 7 Tanks in black, white, and grey. I've got to say even though it doesn't really matter that much because I don't see them on my head I enjoy the look of them a lot. They also offer quite good sound quality for sub-100 headphones. I listen to a lot of hip hop and dubstep and I find the bass reallly enjoyable. You can feel the bass but it doesn't feel artificial like the bass from skullcandies. I would reccomend them to a friend if they were looking for headphones with nice style and bass for cheaper than most. If you don't really care about what they look like I would probably go for some sony's.



They're good but if style doesn't matter then there are better headphones out there.

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I have a pair of the Aerial7 Tank Shade and Storm Phoenix. I feel these are pretty good considering they aren't one of the high end brands. Bass to me is tight and punches very well, I can EQ the bass on computer to the point where it feels like my ears are being used as punching bags but no distortion comes out of the Tanks. I personally love this brand, I hope they keep making good phones like these.

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Hi All,


Was wondering if someone can give me link to Aerial 7 website as it seems I cant find it on google.


I am not an audiophile but I want to have the best over-ear headphone for mobile phone with budget only $100.

Mostly I listen to hip-hop / lounge / pop


Would Aerial 7 the one?


Moreover, the design looks like Audio technica, is it from the same factory??? If yes, would the sound be comparable to Audio technica (or at least closer)


So far I also like Sony MDR-XB600IP for $109. Which 1 is better?


Again for max $100, what other options do I have?



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Originally Posted by rronald25 View Post

Hi All,

Was wondering if someone can give me link to Aerial 7 website as it seems I cant find it on google.


I got one of their product, the Bullet dark rasta, and if I remembered correctly, I was browsing through their website in aerial7.com before I bought that IEM. seems it is down now  :(


this is their only official account that we can access for now I guessed:



they were very popular 2-3 years ago here in my country, but it seems to fade away

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