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Seem to me the weakest link in the whole power connect is the power switch. Unlike cable and fuse, it has movable part and sometime a filmsy contact. A few that I worked on, the contact seems to be brass. The old ones have all kind of crud on it.

Is there any after market power switch out there? I bet you it makes a even bigger difference than fuse and cable.
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Do you mean the wall socket? Quite a few of my friends are using the Oyaide R1 with great results.
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I have the R1. Nice sound. Try the Synergistic Research Tesla, That has a punch. I have tweeked my rig from the receptacle to the fuses and then some.
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Yeah the R1 that big poppa has, used to be mine, until i swapped it for the tesla, in short, if you like smooth polite sound, you might like the r1, if you like unrestricted clarity, detail and dynamics youll like the tesla, i chose the latter.
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Hey Xtreme4099, Long time since you been on forum. Let us know after you hear the Furutech on your rig. Lord knows you know all the fuses in mine.
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@Xtreme4099 and BIG POPPA

Can you post a link to the tesla I'm having a hard time finding how they look like. I keep hiting powercells in google. =(

I'm currently using a Oyaide MTB-6 w/ R1 they are deffinitely better than the Xindak Power Filter and those neiborhood shop power strips.

I am also using Furutechs for my Yamamoto I did find the Furutechs deffinitely superior to Hifi-Tuning fuses which I tried just for a week. =)
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I'm also interested in the PS Audio fuse. I went to the Definitive Audio today since they carry the PS Audio stuff, but too bad, they don't carry the fuse, just a main product.
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Just put the Isoclean back in. To me it is still the reference of Audio Grade Fuses. Try this one first before any else. Love the smoothness of the Furutech, But it does not work for everybody. Will be trying out more shortly.
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Gil, what source are you using now? I've heard the IsoClean is a no-go for my DAC because it will sound too bright and lack of body. That's why I'm aiming for the PS Audio or probably end up with another FuriTech.
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It is in the Darkvoice 336se. Did you let it break in? If you don't use the Synergistic Research QLS 9 the Furutech should be fine. In my 336se I have a FURUTECH Gold . My rig is tweeked from the wall to the headphone. You will see at the next meet.
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Main stereo follow-up (not really head-fi, but fuse info nonetheless):

The IsoCleans are great with the Shanling monoblocks now after recalibrating the low-pass filter frequency of the sub to be at the minimum, eliminating minor lower midrange bloom. It had been moved up because of the DAC's bit of bias toward the upper end, leaving the lower midrange somewhat lacking. I also re oriented the speaker's toe-in back to pre-DAC levels, and the result of these two tweaks (really just back to where they had been for 5 years, pre-DAC) was near-perfection. The IsoCleans in the amps allow the detail and fast rise time of the DAC while still producing silky but unblurred mids and highs. My very critical audiophile friend who has followed my system since its inception came over Sunday and was stunned by the positive changes that made a good system even better.

So this is with the stock ceramic fuse in the Cullen DAC, as the IsoClean was not a good match there, and this DAC is identical to the one in my headphone rig. I still want to see if Furutechs might improve the sound some more. It is interesting that the IsoCleans clean the sound, especially the highs, in the amps and source, but brighten the sound in the DAC! One needs different fuses for different components and combinations of components, for sure. Unfortunately, we cannot try before we buy.

In the headphone rig, as mentioned in the earlier post, the IsoClean also worked very well in the Woo WA6.
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I'm going to try the Critical Link with my PS Audio Digital Link III just because I think it might match very well. On my WA6SE, I put Furitech in it and really like it sound fuller smoother yet plenty of detail.

I may order the Critical Link for the Woo also.
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@Jo Jo ..

Here's where i got my Tesla
Synergistic Research Tesla Plex Receptacle by Revolution Power

Just tellem Sergio sent u.
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Just bought a Furutech 3.15A (Blue color with Rhodium both ends which the salesman told me it's the new model with neutral sound and impactful bass than the red one) for my WA6SE. It's really impressive, after replace the stock fuse, there are much more micro detail of highs never heard before all now here come from K701, amazig. Let see what will be the improvement in mid and bass, just awesome.
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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post
You might also want to consider adding a grounding rod to your home's electrical system. They're invaluable if you regularly have electrical storms.

I have not been able to locate audiophile-grade grounding rods, but I am sure you could have one cryogenically treated or plated with silver.

Though I'd think that regular copper ones would work just fine.

if these 'audiophiles' think they can tell the direction of an AC FUSE, then maybe they'll also think the ground rod needs turning or switching 'polarity'.

it would really suck if you had to yank out a grounding rod to 'invert' it.

so, you better be sure you have the right end driven into the ground!

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