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So, Black Stuart, you've been impressed with Furutech fuses in the past, but now are saying Furutech are snake oil merchants because they use rhodium plating?


Furutech give users the choice of gold or rhodium plating on many of their plugs and sockets. Some users prefer one over the other, there doesn't appear to be a clear winner, although the consensus is that gold gives a warmer sound. I'll reserve my own judgment until I've tried them myself.


Most of the posters here have already got the memo about expectation bias - many times. The variety of opinions posted here show that we are quite capable of making up our own minds irrespective of marketing hype or skeptics trolling.


FWIW, I've been told that the harder rhodium plating can be made thinner than for gold, which negates the resistance issue. I don't know if that's a factor or not, but is an example of not basing decisions on simple electrical theory. It's the end result that counts.

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Just got a SR red fuse last week, swapped out a supreme fuse for my DAC and I thought the results was unsatisfying. First the sound became thinner and the vocals were pushed back. Overall, the sound was less organic and less musical. Then I swapped back the Supreme fuse to my DAC and put the SR red for my AMR Dp777 which I use for preamp and out came the original AMR gold fuse. I was stunned by the change. The sound became organic, realistic and musical again, but in spades! After hearing the latest sound, I know I am done with the fuses asI just love it. From my experience, I think one simply just have to experiment the fuses in their own set up to find out what they like which is probably why there are so many polarized reviews. It has been a fun ride smily_headphones1.gif
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The Attorney,

sorry to burst your balloon but conductivity still applies regardless of the microns involved, it's basic science and many are influenced by snake oil salemen who otherwise would go out of business.


A fuse is no different from any other component it should not influence or change any information directly or indirectly - unless you want it to, which is fine if that's what you want - I have no time for the fascist style police.


There are those who will pay loads of money for RCA/XLR  plugs but what is their actual function - to connect one piece of equipment to another with the least interference with the signal they are conveying. Superb engineering is irrelevant if this function is achieved simply and economically. likewise a sexy appearance - unless you listen to your music from  behind the equipment rack.


I like those original Furutechs because they are made using sound scientific principles and it can be heard. It is easy to become very anal about such things, now I just enjoy the music. To each their own.

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