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After rolling a bunch myself, my number one are still the Hifi Tuning Supremes: clean, clear, great soundstage, excellent detail. Great air, treble spark, but not harsh or bright. Very good tonality and natural textures. I am using them in my DAC and power amp. 


Should be noted they started from low. During the first so many hours the Hifi Tuning Supremes were quite bad compared to other fuses I have. I almost wanted to return them, but I kept at it.


On another note I still don't like the SR20s - very unnatural sounding. The worst out of the expensive ones.

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How long are we talking about for the hifi tuning?

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From memory 150-200 hours. 

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Thanks, will give that a try.

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I don't know if there is a prescribed burn in procedure, but if them there fuses are mains voltage. It may be tempting to drop them in to some low powered appliance that's always on. Burn-in is so frustrating when you want to know if your investment payed off.

On a side note, have we got any more user's of the AMR fuses on here. I'm told they bring out the mid range more.

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Yes, they are a bit like that. Warmer, musical sounding, perhaps coppery sounding. I am not using it, but I can see its use in some systems, so that is why I kept it. And the price.

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I like the ceramic, vs glass fuse and sand filled. They cost a couple of dollars and are used for appliances. The sand seems to dampen any vibration that would affect the thin fuse wire. I think for minimal money you can get some audiophile sound and not spend 25 dollars or so. For equipment I am not worried about, I bypass the fuse, which is better yet. 

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