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hello all freaks !

i use audio magic fuses in my cd transport and i wonder if i should try sr. btw big poppa you said that sr are laid back, how do you mean ?







my email :

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In my Marantz SA11-S2 SACD player I found the Synergistic Research fuse to an improvement over the Isoclean and Furotech fuses. In my rig the SR fuse gave a more open sound. More detail across the frequency spectrum. The Isoclean was darker but better than stock.

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Nice to hear David Pritchard. I use my Woo amp to compare fuses. Nice to get a Solid State point of view.

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big poppa did u order audio magic ?

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Greetings to all from St. Petersburg.

I AMR fuses, others do not know, which is better?


Synergistic research quantum fuse I think to buy.
Can you say more about the experience Synergistic Research Quantum fuse, the pros and cons.



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I just added a Synergistic Research fuse to my Mjolnir. (FYI: Small slow blow 1A) I'm truely shocked that it's so easy to tell the difference in sound quality. The imaging is just great now. Probably not tube amp great, but it went from 15-20' of depth to 50-60'. Depends on the track of course, but it's a great upgrade for the cost. It is like 30 screws! Schitt did not make it easy to swap out. If you don't have a multi-meter handy the outside part of the fuse holder is the hot lead.

I also tried a HiFi-Tuning and the more carefully I matched the volume the more identical it sounded to stock.

I have 2 amps btw, so easy for me to switch back and forth 20 times....
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Originally Posted by Golden Monkey View Post

Well, I found some Isocleans on sale, so I'm going to try one in my amp and see.  Oh, and for those saying you should rewire your house, etc. can start here, with this:



  I do not have the luxury of adding a dedicated line for my system because I rent.But I have heard the benefits of a dedicated line for a stereo at a friends house a long time ago and the difference was quite noticeable.The sound from what I can remember was a lot cleaner.Of course renters like me do not usually have the luxury of altering their apartments electrical system.

 But if you have your own home this is definitely a way to improve your systems performance.Isolating your system from appliances and other devices definitely reduces rfi interferenceas well as other effects that can feed junk into the line and pollute your electricity.But fuse upgrades do work.I have tried the various hifi tuning offerings and have found improvements from all of them but at least in my setups I found the supreme models made a fair step up in performance over their lesser offerings.I have upgraded to the supreme fuses in all my components and the sound improvement was quite noticeable even though the fuses are quite steeply priced I thought the improvement was worth the expendature.I recommend getting slow blows because these fuses are not cheap.

 I find the fuse made things sound a lot cleaner.The noise level of the components were a lot lower.This enabled me to hear a lot deeper into the recordings I play back.The increase in low level information was definitely noticeable.The fuses also gave rise to a more dynamic sounding presentation.Things just sound more dynamically alive and closer to the real thing.The fuses are directional so try them both ways if you do not hear a big improvement flip them over the change should be obvious.The hifi tuning supreme fuses do work.

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When I was having some rewiring done to my house, I took the opportunity to install 2 dedicated spurs for my hifi. These spurs also had their own dedicated breaker box (simply because there was no more room in the main box). So far, I've been rather underwhelmed by the improvements this gave to my hifi rig's SQ. I need to do another test one day to see if I can get a more conclusive result.


What I have confirmed though, is that audiophile fuses, and carefully chosen Power Conditioners, provide as much benefit to a dedicated spur as they do to a main circuit.That is, a dedicated spur is an additive contribution to all the other power tweaks, rather than an alternative. TBH, I found it easier to spot the differences between fuses than I could between dedicated v main circuits, but I wouldn't say that's conclusive without me going back to doing another test of the dedicated circuit once my system has settled down.  

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You should note that big bar at the top of the breaker box. Everything connects to that top bar in parallel, so a dedicated line buys you nothing isolation wise. I'm sure the nice connectors and breakers will help though...

You need a fancy 0 impedance power appliance to totally separate yourself from the outside world.
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I don't think that Iso-Clean supplies that breaker box (panel-board) anymore. In any case it appears to be a European or British spec. board.


Running a dedicated, isolated (insulated) circuit does serve the purpose it was designed to do.

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 I have been using various hi-fi tuning offerings and had settled on the supreme model as the fuse of choice in my set up.But when I saw reviews about the quantum fuses from synergetic research I beeing an audiophile just had to order some and try them in my system.I have not heard any synergetic research products before so this is a leap of faith.I just received my fuses today and have replaced the hifi-tuning supreme fuses in my emotiva airmotiv 6 active speakers and I fired them up.From what I read in some opinions and the reviews that the quantum fuses were better than the supreme fuse from the get go.Well so far I can not concur.Initially the supreme fuse has more space to the sound and the sound is less confined to the speaker with the supreme fuse.With the quantum the sound seems to be coming from the speakers and is definitely not as open as the supreme fuses.The bass is is also not as tight as with the supreme fuse and the sound is much more refined sounding with the supreme fuses.The sound is definitely faster with the supreme fuse and dynamics are more apparent with the hifi tuning fuses.The sound also is more forward sounding with the quantum fuses. But that is my initial impression and I have to give the fuses a good run in to be fair.I hope they will improve so the trip is worth the effort.

 I will post further opinions after I put some time on the quantum fuses.So far the score is hifi tuning supreme fuses 1 quantum fuses 0 in my set up.

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buson160man, please do post again after the quantums have settled in - and of course after you tried swapping fuse direction :o)

I was thinking of ordering a pair to try.

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Originally Posted by TheAttorney View Post

buson160man, please do post again after the quantums have settled in - and of course after you tried swapping fuse direction :o)

I was thinking of ordering a pair to try.

 Well it has been several days since I put the quantum fuses in my airmotiv 6 active six speakers and my findings have not changed much I still prefer the sound of the emotiva speakers with the hifi tuning fuse supreme fuses.I was listening to some classical music tonight with the quantum fuse and on the recording there are cellos playing and something just struck me that the sound of the instrument just did not sound right ,the way a real instrument sounds.So I just slipped the hifi tuning fuse back into my airmotiv 6 active speakers and replayed the music and the sound of the cellos was way more lifelike the way cellos sound in real life.With the supreme fuse you can hear the sound of the cellos coming from the cavity of the instument like it does in real life.I find the sound of the instrument is very cardboard like with the quantum fuse you just do not hear the body of the instrument.I find the sound of the supreme fuse is much more atmospheric sounding when it comes to space and the sound of the quantum fuse is definitely more upfront. and lacking in atmosphere.I find the supreme fuse to be much more lifelike and dimensionaly lifelike in its presentaion.

  I wonder how people could prefer the quantum fuses presentation when in my set up I find the results much the opposite of what people say about the quantum fuse beeing more open and spacious.I say at least in my situation those findings are poppycock.I am going back to the supreme fuses they sound much more like real music and are a lot less clinical sounding IMHO.

  I will be returning the quantum fuses for a refund.

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Thanks for the feedback on the SR fuses Burson160man :-)

I am looking to buy at least one fuse for my Burson Conductor (and possibly a couple more for the amp and sub).

I am leaning towards the AMR fused right now...

Thanks for sharing your experiences you good people :-)
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Like anything else, fuses are system dependent.  I returned SR fuses and am now using quantum liquid fuses throughout.  I found the SR fuses to sound artificial and very forward.  The liquid fuses in my rig were more relaxed and sounded real. ymmv

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