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Originally Posted by NightOwl View Post
If you wanted to spend a little more, you might also consider the Audio-Technica AT440MLa, especially if you decide you like the Marantz since they match well. LP gear has this on sale for $119.99
Are you sure about that. I think they may have changed the compliance on the new AT440 MLA? I seem to remember checking into this for someone a while ago....
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I'm pretty sure. It's still listed on LP Gear and the Cartridge Database as having the same dynamic and static compliance as the AT440ML (10 and 40). I'm sure you're already aware that AT's numbers for dynamic compliance are always low since they measure at 100hz instead of the 10hz everybody else does.
I can doublecheck soon though since I just ordered a stylus as a backup for my vintage AT150ML, which I will soon be installing in place of my Grace F9e.
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A little update:
So apparently my father is actually using the Marantz and the KEF speakers. But he's only using it for watching TV! But I was over there tonight, and I did find the model of the speakers. They are KEF Cadenza, from 1972. Also the light in the Marantz is busted, but I'd imagine that it wouldn't be too hard to have repaired. For now I'm ok to use the headphones most of the time, but I'll try and persuade him to trade speakers and possibly receivers as well.

As far as cartridges go, I think I can budget for a bit more than the MP-11. What would be the best bet up to $100?
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The Kef Cadenzas are nice speakers that were made in the early 70's. They lean towards a "warm" sound. You'll have to check the foam surrounds on the woofers as these have been known to deteriorate (dry out, crack, crumble) over time and may have to be replaced.

It's not the end of the world if you have to use the Harman-Kardon. It's a good receiver and sonically as good as the Marantz. The tonal balance is more neutral and it's more detailed. The Marantz does have a better phono stage and is prettier when it's lit up. The light/led can be replaced as this is a common problem with vintage Marantz receivers.

I would still lean towards memepool's suggestion of the Nagaoka as your cartridge choice. It's nicely balanced. Even at $100., there's nothing I can think of that would be better.
Another choice would be the Shure M97xe. This would work with your HK receiver, but you'd feel a lack of treble detail with the Marantz, and especially using the Kefs.
The Grado Black is also a good cartridge, but I feel that the Nagaoka is better and would work better in your arm.
The AT440MLa I suggested is a brighter, more forward cartridge with a tight, lean bass. I believe this would work well with the Marantz and Kefs since they have a warmer sound (less so with the HK). You may want to read some reviews on it, since it's a love/hate kind of cartridge with very little in-between.
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Rotel is made by Roland in Japan the RP-6400 was made about 1978-1981. I have had Thorens and Yamaha turntable and prefer the Rotel its a good work horse. My Thorens got repaired numerous times and the Yamaha I think P730 was very reliable but I could not replace the motor when it died.

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