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I am another victim of Warren Audio.

I never received my Hifiman HE-6 balanced cables, and all my e-mails to him were un-replied.

I payapled on 04-29-2011, so PayPal can not help me to resolve the dispute because it has beyond 45 days.

Luckily, I PayPaled with my Citi Master card, and I just finished calling Citi customer service, who will open the case and refund my $450 soon.




BTW, can anybody recommend another trust-worthy vendor can custom made a pair of 3-pin balanced cabel for my HE-6?

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Mine is from here, I really like it. I have five versions (four of them balanced) of this cable now for different headphones. Great value, great service and fantastic craftsmanship. I usually just go with the recommended options.

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Originally Posted by Cobra Jesse View Post

BTW, can anybody recommend another trust-worthy vendor can custom made a pair of 3-pin balanced cabel for my HE-6?

I can't address the cables recommended by grokit because I haven't dealt with Double Helix Cables.  If grokit says his experiences with them are good and they meet your needs, then go for it.  Personally, I don't like braided cables though their "triple threat" product seems like an interesting approach provided you like their underlying LCD2 cable.  I took a different, but related, approach.  


I needed a total length of 20ft for my cables.  For my HE6, LCD2 and HD800, I had Drew Baird at Moon Audio make 15ft Silver Dragon cables that terminated in 4pin mini-XLR adapters.  I then had three 5ft mods of the Silver Dragons made to plug into the mini-XLRs at the end of the 15ft cables.  The three 5ft mods were a Furutech 1/4 single ended adapter, Furutech balanced adapters and, finally, bananas so I could use the binding posts from a Marantz speaker amp (and soon, from a Woo Audio 5) for the HE6 and LCD2 (being both planars, they're highly ineffecient and could benefit from the higher power output of a speaker amp - just be careful to not raise the volume so high that you blow the drivers).  


The added benefit of the approach I took is that I'm also recabling other headphones with Silver Dragon cables and these 5ft mods will be usable with them, too.  I am using Black Dragon (copper) for some of my other recablings and I'll be using the 5ft mod approach with them as well, but using 15ft Black Dragon cables with 5ft Black Dragon mods.  Unlike the HE6, LCD2 and HD800, these other headphones do not have removable cables so the process for them is different than just ordering cables.   


The Silver Dragons are, like their name implies, made of silver and they're not braided (if you care).  Drew also has lower cost options than his Silver Dragons (not cheap).  If you want some custom work, I'd highly recommend Drew (without intending to take away anything from grokit's experiences dealing with Double Helix Cables), who is recabling the headphones referred to above as I write this.  I'd also mention that Moon Audio is one of the sponsors of this site and Drew is not paying me and he certainly isn't discounting his services for my recommendations.  I didn't find Drew by clicking on this site's sponsor list.  I was doing business with HeadRoom (another site sponsor) and they referred me to Drew when I asked them about a particular custom cabling job.  Anyway, that's my 2 cents' worth.  


Good luck with Warren.  My first post on this site was also about him.

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This is Rachel, Rick Warren's ex-fiancee. He promised I would not be liable for any debts for that account, an obvious lie that I was naive enough to believe. Now I'm in debt, about four grand. Please refrain from posting my email address in relation to this embarrassing situation. There is no reason this has to haunt me the rest of my life. Avoid Rick like the plague; he is a cold-blooded pathological liar. Do not date him, he will treat you like an ATM and you will sink into depression.



Originally Posted by grokit View Post

This is a re-post, it was originally in-between ricmiclaw's last two posts:


While I can't outright say that Rick Warren is a crook, I can say that Warren Audio should be avoided at all costs.


Evidently he was already banished from Paypal (I Paypaled him at, and now he has probably screwed up "rachel********"'s account. Do a google search for Warren Audio, and see all the Head-fi threads about him that have been taken offline; some of them are cached.


If his "exclusive" Russian ortho headphones are real (and I don't think that they are), then I feel sorry for the Russians.


He sent me abusive, lying emails as well, even claimed that I was abusing the Paypal dispute system against him. Paypal decided in my favor, with Rick kicking and screaming the whole way. That's probably why he had to use this Rachel's Paypal account in the first place.


I went through this with him well over a year ago as well and decided to give him another chance recently because I got refunded for the first set of bad cables voluntarily, but it was after he had accused me of lying then as well. So that was my bad but I believe in second chances, as anybody can make a mistake.


He can't solder to save his life, that hasn't changed a bit. The reason I gave him another chance is because he said he was outsourcing the soldering but never again. That was another lie, he sent me two defective cables this time and refused to refund my money before Paypal intervened. I opened up and looked at the first defective one he sent and it was indeed a butcher job like those posted in this thread, and like the cables that he sent me the first time over a year ago. Evidently the outsourcing was only temporary if at all, or the person Rick is paying solders as badly as he does.


Besides the Russian orthos, the other big joke on his website is his stated satisfaction/return policy.


Originally Posted by ricmiclaw View Post

Some who will be reading this already know about my problems with Warren Audio, Rick Warren, Fidelity Audio or whatever they're currently calling themselves by my posts in another thread on  For convenience only, I'll sometimes just call them/it/him "Warren".  For those who don't know, you can find my first post at  I'm posting the outcome of my dispute with Warren in this thread because the discussion in the other thread got way off point as can be seen in that thread.  I thought it would be better to post the outcome of my dispute here because this thread contains current relevant postings.  I recommend reading just the first few posts in that thread to get the flavor of the problem with Warren,  Thereafter, the discussion turned off-point.


First, a very brief synopsis.  I purchased cables from Warren on April 16, 2011.  They never arrived despite repeated assurances from Rick Warren to the contrary.  On May 4, I filed a dispute with PayPal and promptly received an e-mail from Warren informing me that my order was "refunded".  That evening, I discovered the postings on this forum about Warren.  Also, there was no refund from Warren by the next day (it takes only a few moments to process a refund on PayPal).  Therefore, the next day, May 5, after seeing no refund, I escalated the dispute to a claim.


The stated purpose of the PayPal dispute/claim process is to try to get the buyer and seller to resolve the dispute between themselves, with PayPal holding the hammer of ultimate decision over them.  With that in mind, upon escalation to a claim, Rick Warren e-mailed me a taunting, abusive response. PayPal e-mailed Warren requesting Warren's response to my claim and giving Warren until yesterday, May 15, to respond.  I'm fairly certain that Rick Warren didn't copy PayPal on his taunting, abusive response to me.  That's where the matter sat until this morning.  


I signed onto PayPal this morning to get their support number to find out what the next steps were going to be if Warren failed to respond to their request for a response to my claim.  I discovered two things.  First, Warren never offered a response to my claim.  Second, I didn't need to call anybody.  Without any further action on my part, PayPal decided the claim in my favor and issued a full and complete refund, crediting back my credit card for the full amount charged and depositing into my PayPal account the balance paid to Warren in cash, which I immediately transferred to my bank.  The case is now closed.


I don't know if PayPal has taken or is going to take any remedial action against Warren.  I certainly hope that they will do what is in their power to prevent these kinds of abuses from being empowered through use of PayPal as the payment intermediary.  For your knowledge, when I payed Warren, the customer service e-mail Warren used at PayPal was "rachel*******".  


No one can assume that PayPal can or will stop people from dishonestly abusing their services.  They certainly have an interest in not having their name associated with dishonesty and fraud but crooks always seem to find a way to abuse systems designed for the transaction of business among basically honest people.  I'm not saying Warren is a crook.  I am saying that I payed money to Warren for something expensive, never received it, received many excuses, and when I complained, received taunts and abuse.  I'm also saying that when an independent third party (PayPal) examined these facts and gave Warren a chance to offer a defense, no defense was offered and PayPal decided the case 100% in my favor, issuing me a full refund.  


Don't assume PayPal, your credit card company, the attorney general of your locality, or whatever or whomever, is going to protect you from the consequences of your own actions.  I made a mistake not doing thorough due diligence on Warren before sending money.  I was fortunate to timely recognize my mistake and know how to deal with it.  But I'm honest enough with myself to also know that I was very lucky to have actually fully reversed the consequences of my mistake.  In the future, I won't assume luck will be on my side.


We have the stories to share about Warren.  If he reemerges, it may be with a new name, new methods or new products.  The Warrens will always be with us.  Don't make the same mistake I made and assume you'll get lucky too.  Not with Warren and not with anybody else.  There are too many stories here about people who never got justice.  As best as I can tell, this forum has been open and honest about these kinds of problems with members, tradespeople, etc.  However, I have come to believe that justice is a fairly rare commodity in this world.  Protect yourselves; no one else will.  Again, thank you all for your support.


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First, we DO NOT post personal information here.  I deleted two posts and banned the person who did so.


Second, I'm very sorry to hear about that, Rachel.  Give some thought to filing a small claims suit or contacting an attorney.  Also, I edited the post that mentions your full name to remove it.

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Originally Posted by rachel89 View Post

This is Rachel, Rick Warren's ex-fiancee. He promised I would not be liable for any debts for that account, an obvious lie that I was naive enough to believe. Now I'm in debt, about four grand. Please refrain from posting my email address in relation to this embarrassing situation. There is no reason this has to haunt me the rest of my life. Avoid Rick like the plague; he is a cold-blooded pathological liar. Do not date him, he will treat you like an ATM and you will sink into depression.

That's so sad.  I'm sorry I ever supported him in the past, but that was before any of the big problems started to come to light.  Apparently he sought a few customers that he could treat extra nice, that would be able to vouch for him during bad times, while everyone else suffered.


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I googled warren audio because I was thinking about taking him to small claims court. I dated him for six months before he physically assaulted me and I had the police involved.

I lent him $1600 when I first started dating him, but even worse stayed with him in the hopes of getting some of it back. In six months he had one job that lasted a week. He hasn't worked for years. His last job was at futureshop (owned by best buy) that he lost after throwing coffee at his manager.

I can't take Rick warren to small claims court. This is a 25 year old that hasn't graduated high school, is in a large amount of debt, and has no assets (he resides in his parents basement and doesn't pay for anything). Somebody posted that he resides with george and Linda. Those are his parents.

This is embarassing for me to admit, and some of this may be against forum rules but I want people to know this isn't a guy with a mortgage and money in the bank. This is somebody with nothing to lose. I don't know if he's a sociopath or just very unintelligent but don't trust him with any funds.

I don't know if this post will be edited or removed but I feel better if I at least tried to warn people about him.
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Wow this dude's got some bad juju working for sure. When he said that he was using his GF's Paypal account I feared it was along these lines. Thanks for the additional warning and sorry for your troubles.

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