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Sleek Wireless Customs

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I want to congratulate Sleek Audio on not only a great product but also great customer service.

I purchased a set of Wireless Sleek Customs about 2 months ago. I was leaving on an international trip so needed them in a hurry. Sleek was able to get them turned around to me in just a few days so I had them on my trip--which was impressive to me since the timeframe was so short.

Unfortunately, I was unhappy with the seal so I went to a different audiologist and had a new set of ear impressions made and resent them down to Sleek. Again, the turnaround time was really fast and Sleek remade them at no charge. Certainly the right thing to do but I wonder how many companies would have at least tacked on some sort of service fee.

This time a much better seal. But only a few days after getting them, another problem. This time the wireless quit working. I'm not sure if it was the transmitter or the receiver but I sent them both back and requested next day air return to get them back in time for vactation. Again, Sleek delivered and I was able to use the headphones throughout my vacation.

As to the sound quality, I would say they are absolutely great. I've been through 5 different in ear canal headphones--progressively getting more and more expensive. I've had 2 different Ultimate Ears, Shures, Q Jay's, and now the Sleeks. I would have to say that I prefer the sound of the Sleeks over anything else I have tried--by far! I find the sound to be clean with great detail. In fact, I am still finding detail on some of my favorite songs that I never noticed with any of my other sets.

When my Sleeks were getting rebuilt, I went back to my Q Jays and found them really lacking compared to the Customs. And, up to the Customs, I had been quite happy with the Q Jays.

Obviously, the comfort of the customs is great since they are made for YOUR ears and YOUR ears only.

However, what really puts this product over the edge to me is the wireless feature. This really is a big leap forward to me. I use the Customs when I exercise so not having the ipod in my pocket and the cords getting in the way is SO GREAT. Like others, I have tried to compare the sound quality with and without cords and I find absolutely NO difference. Once or twice I thought I have picked up a VERY slight static between songs but I can't be sure about whether or not it was actually there or whether I was imagining it. And even if it was, it has only happened so few times and only with dead quiet between songs that it is immaterial to me.

Anyway, thanks Sleek for both outstanding customer service and an oustanding product.
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Update Please?

I just read your post and would love to know more about your customs. A good example would be the pricing and also the distance you can be from the transmitter and still get good quality, static/noise free operation.

I hope you read this and reply. I'm in NEED.............
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