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For that price I would be expecting user replaceable cables. I wonder why UE decided not to include them in the design.
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Originally Posted by Rip N' Burn View Post
For that price I would be expecting user replaceable cables. I wonder why UE decided not to include them in the design.
i guess until when they start selling parts at a bloated price, it is a better idea to keep them in one piece? that should get rid of some of the less-literate consumers in case if they damage the cord when exerting it from the main piece?

they are smaller too, without too many user-replaceable parts.
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Seem to be becoming less "pro" in the range.
On another note, I don't know what I was on about when I said what's going to happen to the super fi 5 pro's, I had completely forgotten about the "non-pro" super fi 5's. I rekon they'll eventually discontinue the pros altogether, although the triple fi's might have some time left in them yet.
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A very nice clean look
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Cool design, a lot smaller than SF5pro and It looks really nice.
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Originally Posted by toughnut View Post
Wow, really tiny. Look quite similar to my CK100 that just arrived few hours ago :P
Please write a review! I'd love to read how they stack up.
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does this mean there is a triples replacement coming?
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sad to say, but i dont think i would even consider these IEMs due to too many horror stories about UE's customer service nowadays
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Very aethetically pleasing.
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Finally a small Ultimate Ears earphone!!
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I totally disagree. I hate the fact that UE is moving away from the design of the pro series "franken-style" housings w/ the replaceable cables. That's the design I really enjoyed about UE. Plus the replaceable cables used to be one of the major advantages UE had over the competitors. Now that they're moving away from that, I just don't see what makes them so special anymore. SQ & durability simply isn't up to the standard of Shure.
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The replaceable cables are one of the deciding factors when I got my sf5pro
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the "easily" replaceable cable are also one of my deciding factors, only after i owned the E2c where i suffered from those cable issues, i didnt bother with it. But i wanted a highend portable but didnt like the tips offered by the highend etymotics.. so i went for the easier to use TF10 :P
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its got to have been done for "cost" reasons, which is so retarded as i think anyone paying what they will cost im sure would be happy to pay an extra $2 to have removable cables on them.

all decent IEM's should have removable cables (klipsch, shure take note as this is all people complain about your products) and now it seems UE is going backwards.

no one from UE want to give us a good reason for this unwelcome change?
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I think it makes more sense for them financially.
IEMs generally don't break down in 1 year, the cables do.
By not providing replaceable cables, they will be able to get more sales theoritically.

Guy A buys IEM in Jan 08
Cable gave way in Mar 09
Guy A has no choice but to buy a brand new pair even though the drivers are still functioning.
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