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after my Super.Fi 5's cable broke AGAIN and I don't know whether they'll take them back this time I am on the lookout for new phones. Do the 700s have the same crap cable "protection" near the plug? If so, I think I'll opt for the q-Jays; both phones can be had for 90 Euros off What is the cable on the q-Jays like?

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I'm borrowing this thread as well.


My two previous earbuds have been Etymotic Research Er6i and Sunrise Xcape II's. I liked both very much, but they broke after few months usage.


Would Ultimate Ears 700 be a decent successor? They cost about 150 euros from local store. I'm listening other alternatives too with one condition: I don't like over-the-ear IEMs.

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150 euros sounds a bit expensive to me, but they are very good IEM's.


If you're willing to pay 150 euros, there's so many options!


I don't know what to recommend... how about Final Audio FI-BA-A1?

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So, I bought these from the For Sale -section 90€ shipped.


Liking so far, although the treble is a bit harsh and fatiguing.. Maybe these would benefit from portable amplifier? My source is iPhone 4 and iPod Nano.


Still decent buy.

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The UE has scaled up very well for me, first with the MBP (direct connect), then with my main system (listed in sig). Have also tried it direct with an iPod Nano. 


The iPod Nano was the thinest sounding, which of course emphasizes the highs. The MBP showed great HF detail and a more balanced midrange compared to the Nano.


On the main system the UE700 sounds *significantly* fuller, rivaling both my HD600 and GS1 in certain areas. It rules in HF detail resolution. 



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