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Sold a pair of Grado SR225is and a Grado 1/4 to 1/8 adapter to az2123. A very smooth transaction, very cool guy to deal with! Wouldn't hesitate to do business with again, A+.
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Sold my PA2V2 to az2123. Very quick payment, and good communication. Would do business again anytime.
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Bought a Grado SR80 from az2123. Headphone are perfect ! Shipped fast !

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Sold me a set of Sony MDR-V6 headphones-- great communication, shipped fast, and they're exactly as described! Would not hesitate to deal with again; great all-around guy!

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Bought a PA2V2 from Andy. The transaction was very long and involved sending the amp to Gary for a pitstop on its way to me, but Andy really put in the effort to make it work for all of us. He took an extra shipping cost hit by both sending the amp to Canada himself and sending me the charger and batteries separately just so Gary wouldn't have to pay for the extra shipping weight. He also kept in me updated the entire time on the amp's status and responded extremely promptly to all of my (impatient) questions. Andy is a truly all-around stand-up guy and I am glad that I had a chance to transact with him. I readily recommend him to anyone thinking of doing business with him.

Thanks, Andy
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Sold my Grado Alessandro MS2i headphones to Andy. Communication was excellent! Paid me promptly, a smooooth transaction and a great guy to deal with!
Would definitely do business with him, anytime, anyplace, anywhere!
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Andy bought my Little Dot 1+. Payment was fast, communication was easy and overall the transaction was VERY smooth.
Great Buyer, Highly recommended.
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Sold him some stuff in a perfect transaction - thanks!
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Bought Hotaudio DAC straight

Nice transaction. Answered my questions, shipped it immediately after payment sent. Smooth sailing.
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He just bought my uDac - very pleasant guy to deal with. We had a shipping confusion and he dealt with that very patiently and gracefully. Would definitely do business with him again
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Sold my Beyer DT880's to Andy.

The transaction couldn't have gone any smoother and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.

Thanks Andy!

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Received some Allesandro MS2i's from az2123.  Great transaction, great headphones :)  Would recommend!

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