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Originally Posted by member1982 View Post
Yes iPhone sucks when it comes to the latest hardware. MMS is coming, Cut Copy and Paste, Bluetooth filesharing (with iPhone and iPod Touches ONLY?), 3.2Meg Camera???, Video / Voice Recording.
Blue tooth part of the chip is not on the other HW versions so that can't be implemented - also any phone more than 6 months old is very old in handset terms so its spec's can't be compare to a current age phone. Also thats why a new one is coming... Also will its crApple atleast they update the firmware which more than can be said about some companys...
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Motorola E680i + rockbox
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Originally Posted by dazzer1975 View Post
yeah, apparently they don't have sms functionality, or they never used to at least?. I have no idea why other than it must be some typical apple lockdown to hamper its customers?....
How can you post something so wrong without even checking it first?

Kinda ruins all credibility. Even if you just got it mixed up with MMS.
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As a phone the iPhone is limited. As a multimedia/internet device is great. GUI is great. Though personally I like buttons and using a stylus, if nothing else so you don't have to keep cleaning the screen.

But one drawback is the poor battery life, and using it as music player is going to savage the battery.
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Originally Posted by zulu1 View Post
Hey I need a new mobile phone and because I don't like to carry lots of stuff with me it would be nice to have only one item to carry around.
So what mobile phone would you recommend with a very good mp3 player (SQ)?

Lets say there is no money problem...

oh yes i would like one where i can use my headphones
I stopped using my SE 810i as a music player as it kills the battery life. I use a Sony a818 instead. Tbh both together are still smaller than many of the high end mobile phones and the combo has vastly better SQ and battery life.
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Originally Posted by Sparky191 View Post
How can you post something so wrong without even checking it first?

Kinda ruins all credibility. Even if you just got it mixed up with MMS.

I think everyone knows about the problems with sms without mentioning zero mms capability. I'll be sure to run this life and death stuff past you in future for verification. knob.
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At least get the basic facts right. That not much to ask.
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how about the samsung i450? hasn't anyone tried that out?
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That samsung does not look good at all to me, spec wise.

The new Sony Ericsson that was new was the W995. Comes with a 3.5 mm jack. Starting to make that phone more of a multimedia phone with the ability to play more formats of video. Also think about the C905. It doesnt have a 3.5mm port standard, but there is an adapter that it comes with, that will allow a 3.5mm headphone. The C905 has the walkman 3.0 software in it too even though its a cybershot branded phone.

I don't think battery life may effect those phones as much. I currenlty have the w610i and I can use it for a full 8 hr workday, on constantly. I charge once a day, which is completely ok for me. I only make 2-3 calls a day though.
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Nokia N series. N95 in particular.

As far as the iPhone3g and SMS...as of iPhone os3.0, you will be able to SMS and MMS people AFAIK
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The W705 is nice too but no auto focus
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I have the iPhone 2g and its been great. I do not know where some of you get your info from but the iphone has always been able to do SMS. You can also SMS to multiple people at once since version 1.3 I believe. There are apps that will allow you to forward SMS and type SMS in landscape mode too (biteSMS). However, it cannot do MMS. MMS along with forwarding SMS will be available without additional apps in os 3.0 which will be released soon.
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samsung is coming out with I7500.
It is the first android phone that is not made by HTC, i think it is pretty exciting.
It has a headphone jack thats a plus and it has OLED screen ++.

I know the headphone out is gonna suck but for convenience sake. I personalloy think it will be better than G2(magic) at the very least.
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Don't put it down just cause it's a mobilephone.
I actually thought that my HTC HD will sound ****ty but it ended up pretty nice sounding.
Listen with an open heart, maybe the I7500 might impress you.
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Nokia 5800

Please do forgive the long post, hope it's useful!

I've had the 5800 for a while now. Overall, it's a nice and capable mobile phone. I won't go into detail, but some of the usual worries people have voiced about it are the relatively unsensitive touchscreen (compared to iPhone) and the scarcity of available third party software. Also, if you are used to the Mac OS X interface, you might find the GUI and synching with your Apple a bit unfamiliar, compared with the iPhone. These issues are discussed in detail elsewhere. I'm very much satisfied with its phone functions and would gladly recommend it, especially in its price range.

The sound quality is nothing to rave about, really. It's all adequate for everyday commuting though. I've tested it with good quality MP3's and several phones ranging from Koss Portapro at the lower end, to Grado SR80 at the upper. Honestly, i don't think it's much worth using better headphones than that, Grado SR60 is about what it can handle, IMHO. I never ventured into the lossless formats with this phone, didn't think it to be worth the effort. It does a bunch of formats like AAC, WAV, MP3, MP4, WMA, etc., and a host of other less usefull ones as well (please see documentation for more detail). No FLAC or OGG though, as far as I know. Might be worth to give WAV and AAC a try after all, especially for certain styles of music; though i didn't feel that there were any format related problems besides the usual MP3 crapiness as expected.

It's a bit similar to my first generation iPod Shuffle (though worse, TBH) – good channel separation, nice stereo width, OK separation throughout the freqency range. It has a certain dynamic, lively quality, although not very much of it. No real depth in the soundstage, but with the separation and the width it's not really disturbing, there's enough air for the music. Tad unnatural with properly recorded classical music and the like. Also some muddy lower mids and kinda' shrill upper mids every now and then (depending on headphones and source music), but again, i don't think it's a big problem, considering it's a phone. The bass is okay, even rather bass-heavy electronic music comes through solid enough. No big bassline pressure though, if that's your cup of tea, you'd need to use either the EQ (not good) or possibly an amp (didn't check, might work). Treble is good, enough detail to have an enjoyable level of musical subtlety.

The EQ is very unnatural, not really useful in my opinion. The volume control can be a pain, it steps too steeply, rather hard to find just the right level without some tactile fiddling with the volume button. Do stay away from the earbuds supplied with the phone, they suck so much i have no words to describe it. I have a certain impression that the headset, that has a normal 3,5 mm jack for headphones, degrades the sound quality noticeably (that is, even if you plug good headphones into them) – this is just theory though, i nevery really checked thoroughly.

I do not use any amps with the 5800, again it seems meaningless in the context. Also, i'm skeptical of the double-amping that occurs; amping the crappy colouring of a bad built-in headphone amp, idunno... It might be worth a try though, i can definitely see the Fiio e5 giving just the right push, with the bass boost, maybe some clarity, etc.

The music player software works nicely. Simple stuff really, the usual display of basic track info, cover art, etc. Transferring your music from computer is easy, whether through the supplied software (didn't try, don't like the idea, said to work good though) or through using your phone as a USB storage device (worked very well). As with most other phones, the music player is rather heavy on the battery! Not catastrophally, but yes, it does make a tangible difference battery life-wise. The phone uses a standard Micro SD memory card.

Compared to my Sony-Ericsson w810i, it's a much "better", more versatile phone, with a very different, all together more boring sound signature. The w810i had some aggresive dynamic quality, which was in a way more fun to listen to, given the right headphones, despite it's strong colouring and general harshness.

To wrap it up: If you are going to use it for commuting, casual listening and general entertainment, it works just fine. Nice to be able to listen to music in decent quality, surf the net, check out your schedule, put down some notes, etc., all with the same unit. For a bit more serious listening, i strongly recommend other choices!
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