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Originally Posted by Troisanneaux View Post
Never heard about that.
You mean you can't SMS anyone?
Why not?
yeah, apparently they don't have sms functionality, or they never used to at least?. I have no idea why other than it must be some typical apple lockdown to hamper its customers?

As for the comments about waiting for iphone 3 because it will include copy/paste, video capture etc htc's, indeed, windows mobile phones have been doing this basic stuff for years.

You won't get such a fully functioning high level business device without going the windows mobile route. Plus you can check out xda developers and really open your phone up with 3rd party firmwares etc removing the operator bloat they can sometimes come with.

I haven't used mine for music, I do use it for movies occassionaly, but if you want one device that does it all then there is no competition. Like I said, having a phone that can't text is completely ludicrous, almost goes against the very definition of mobile phone.
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What do you mean that the iPhone doesn't have SMS functionality?
My dad and brother has one and there's definately SMS functionality.
Unless, you're talking about MMS.
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it doesn't have mms, you cant or couldn't send an sms to a group of people at once, and at one stage there was no sms capability unless it was jailbroken etc.

Only now are some of these issues being addressed. Hardly what I would call a "phone".
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no its always been able to send and receive texts

but it cant forward them or send group texts, ore certainly couldnt, not sure if they added recently. but either way its still a restricted locked down piece of equipment.

if i buy a phone i should be able to do what i want with it, not what the manufacturer has decided i should be allowed to.

no tethering means im not buying it
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iphone sucks.
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haha ok but what about my request?
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If 'music' is foremost in your mobile phone requirement, then there's no better device in the market than an ipod touch that's slapped together with a cellular antenna, wifi chipset, and some nice looking phone apps with some quirks, known as the iPhone.

The 3.0 version of their OS will fix many of their deficiencies, while putting them at the forefront in 'multimedia application tablet' category (gaming, smartphone apps, whatnot).
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actually ive been using nokia and i was very pleased
doesn't nokia have some nice ones?
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Originally Posted by zulu1 View Post
actually ive been using nokia and i was very pleased
doesn't nokia have some nice ones?
Do you even read your own thread?
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A big part of my job is testing headphones and headsets related to all the handsets and such you could think of and my recommendation is as follows:
Iphone has best SQ by far - with OS 3.0 it will also get, amongst the many cool things, wireless audio support via bluetooth A2DP which is really the next thing acording to the devices I've seen, heard or been part in development of. And yes the new Iphone might be even better. But still they are over most budgets even if they have the best analog output and possiblity of some digital outputs.
Music Nokias are in generel not bad but a few have some weird stuff going on like compressions etc. you can't turn off. Havn't got the chance to look at the 5800 yet but I doubt it would be a bad buy according to my intel. I personally have a N73 which is a living nightmare UI vise but SQ is okay.
SE music handsets are some of best and I know several people who swears to them unless you go Iphone. But again some of them have kinks - especially becouse they are not like HTC or Nokias based on a few well developed platforms but rather a lot of smaller sub divisions which leads to alot of mishaps UI wise etc.
HTC's high end are not bad but not special ether when it comes to SQ - the SE Xperia is good for an handset SQ wise but brick heavy and not near Iphone smart.

All in all as a Head-Fi member and sworn crApple sceptic even I am thinking of saveing for an Iphone - maybe the new one just for the SQ which doesn't come better unless you go dedicated media player device.

However I'd like to state that there is one other thing going on - the current trend towards very well sounding lossy bluetooth stereo headsets which have build in amplification and better DAC than a handset can afford. Also since the spec's is out around the new Iphone convention in a year or 2 we will see Lossless wireless stereo headphones via bluetooth 3.0 that has way better SQ than anything analong we see now even with a cheap handset as long as it doesn't tingle with the bits its sending to the headphone. Lossless, wireless, internel tuned to product amping and HQ DAC just can't be beat. Well okay I have a stake in the latter as I'll properly be heavily involved in selling and developing that
Cheers and hope it helps someone
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I wonder how the nvidia based phones will sound when they come out later this year. One thing is for sure and that is they will have great battery life, 720p video and HDMI.
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Allright; it's time for some Palm Pre buzz.
It's a dang shame it hasn't been mentioned. For shame head-fi. For shame.
+ YouTube Video
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Originally Posted by Hot Pixel View Post
Allright; it's time for some Palm Pre buzz.
It's a dang shame it hasn't been mentioned. For shame head-fi. For shame.
Ohh.. reminds me to get one to poke it out I never comment on something I'm not sure about and the Palms I work with now are one step from the trash can... Also Google phone + others should be is on my desk when I get back to work this week ... Else someone will feel the of this ...
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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic review: Young as you feel - GSMArena.com

Remarkable audio quality
Speaking of music playback, the 5800 XpressMusic turned out to be the best Nokia example for audio quality to date. That's that and no fancy foreword would've made sense. We've been seeing improvement over recent devices by the Finns and now the 5800 comes to crown the whole thing. In fact, we've never seen so good numbers on any other mobile phone.
The phone flaunts an amazing frequency response keeping within the +-1db range effortlessly. Furthermore, for most of its range it is right on the perfect track. Noise level and dynamic range readings are also praiseworthy and so is THD. IMD and crosstalk are not as impressive but still quite good. All in all, you will be enjoying some of the industry best quality audio with Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.
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A phone without sms is kinda stupid, but iPhone always have that from the inception,
Of course you can send to a group of people, select a couple of people when you create a new sms, But it doesnt have support for a list of people that you choose, and yes no forward etc.

Yes iPhone sucks when it comes to the latest hardware. MMS is coming, Cut Copy and Paste, Bluetooth filesharing (with iPhone and iPod Touches ONLY?), 3.2Meg Camera???, Video / Voice Recording.
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