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mobile phone?

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Hey I need a new mobile phone and because I don't like to carry lots of stuff with me it would be nice to have only one item to carry around.
So what mobile phone would you recommend with a very good mp3 player (SQ)?

Lets say there is no money problem...

oh yes i would like one where i can use my headphones
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iPhone 3G, which iems u gonna use, i found the iPhone is lighter on bass on flat eq but overall SQ is much better.
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money no object, mp3 player, the iphone seems like the obvious choice
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except you cant text anyone, which is absolutely unthinkable for a mobile phone to not have that functionality.

Go htc and don't look back.
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Originally Posted by dazzer1975 View Post
except you cant text anyone,
Never heard about that.
You mean you can't SMS anyone?
Why not?
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the nokia 5800 expressmusic is supposed to have good SQ for a phone
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+1 on the iPhone 3G
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Originally Posted by dazzer1975 View Post
Go htc and don't look back.
oh yeah never thought about the htc, how are those for music?

im pretty much for anything with 3.5mm jacks i cant stand phones with 2.5mm :P
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*Takes swing at hornet's nest*

The 3G iPhone is the best phone out there. I've fooled with a few other smartphones and see no reason to buy any of them. Between the ease of use and the superb apps, I use it five or six hours a day and haven't had any problems. I had the first gen, too, which was passed along to my father who also loves it.

The only reason I'd tell you to hold off is because there's a third gen iPhone coming in June. Possibly two new iPhones. From what I've gathered at the rumor sites, it sounds like there might be a pro version with a bigger screen, more memory, more RAM, faster proc, and a few other goodies.

If you buy a 3G now, you'll only get the hardware discount if you sign for two years of service. Problem is, you might have to pay full price if you go to the new iPhone in June or July.

Since you could end up paying a lot more, I'd recommend sticking with whatever phone you have now for another two months. It's not that long and you'll probably end up kicking yourself if you buy now.

Also, disregard the fanboys for the other phones. The new iPhone with 3.0 software should jump ahead of the competition. Comparisons made now will be moot in about eight weeks.
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do the HTC phones have good mp3 players? Good sound?
What about samsungs or sony ericssons?

And could you also recommend some without touch because I'm not so handy with that?
But maybe i will try to get used to that.
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tbh it only ever seems to be americans who love the iphone, but if you like ipod software id think it not a terrible choice but as a phone i dont think i could stand it.

sonyericsson ones should be good but most dont have a 3.5mm socket so unless you have a modular earphone cable that could be a bother but you dont say you have so no idea. their headphones all come with a mic and 3.5mm socket, thats what i use when i only want to carry the mobile and no ipod, plug my shures into it and its the perfect lenght.

they do have a couple with the 3.5mm socket the xperia and some new one but i forget what one.
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I'm currently using the HTC Touch HD.
I actually find it to be acceptable when paired with my SA6.
If you're not extremely picky it should work well.
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yeah im going to use my in ears sq should be better
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They're about to release a new iphone in mid-june. It's expected to have netbook-level cpu (arm cortex 8) which should make things FLY, the new iphone 3.0 OS (yes, this time with copy paste, and loads of other new features), 3.2 or 5 megapixel camera, video capture & edit capability.. and loads more

Better wait...
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Originally Posted by Troisanneaux View Post
Never heard about that.
You mean you can't SMS anyone?
Why not?
yeah, apparently they don't have sms functionality. I have no idea why other than it must be some typical apple lockdown to hamper its customers?

As for the comments about waiting for iphone 3 because it will include copy/paste, video capture etc htc's, indeed, windows mobile phones have been doing this basic stuff for years.

You won't get such a fully functioning high level business device without going the windows mobile route. Plus you can check out xda developers and really open your phone up with 3rd party firmwares etc removing the operator bloat they can sometimes come with.

I haven't used mine for music, I do use it for movies occassionaly, but if you want one device that does it all then there is no competition. Like I said, having a phone that can't text is completely ludicrous, almost goes against the very definition of mobile phone.

p.s. the experia is made by htc.
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