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I think the question is whether it makes sense to use an amp like this, which is somewhat an unknown, when good tubes for it will be VERY expensive.
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Can somebody send me the Schematic on the output headphone wiring from OT (300B) section? please ..

I have 300B and I need to use my Grado 32Ohms, need to know how the wiring to headphone.

I don;t want to try and error and damage my Grado.

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I picked up the Grant Fidelity version of this amp a few weeks ago. It came with the Shuguang Treasure Series 300B's and EL34's.

Overall I think it sounds fantastic. I've been really digging the sound with my HD800's. The bass is a touch loose, but everything else sounds extremely good. I need to play around some more with my D7000's and my HD650's to see how they match. With the HD800's there is very little, if any, noise.

As a speaker amp this is a high performer. With my high efficiency Omega's it really sings. Extremely musical, nice prat, and a huge soundstage. Basically, everything I want in a good tube amp.
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This amp looks promising on paper.  Remote control.  If the output transformer and power supplies are designed to drive speakers, can I not derive the conclusion that they are therefore over spec'd for headphone use?  Are there any detailed impressions of this unit vs other well known tube headamps? e.g woo audio 300b etc.  I am tempted.

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Hello all! I am Peter from Belgium. I have found the same amp in Germany from a small company called destiny audio.

The amp costs only 1000€ with Shuguang 300B-98 tubes or 1100€ with the Shuguang 300BS-B tubes. On the internet I found out that the 300BS-B tubes are some of the best 300B tubes ever made.

I have asked the company by email and will drive to Germany next Saturday to pick up the amplifier. They said that they ship their products all over Europe and checking each product before. Has anyone experiences with this amplifier and the 300BS-B tubes? I am using a Sennheiser HD650.

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I have purchased this amp last Saturday. It works fantastic with the headphone. I have checked a cheaper EL34 amp with headphone output but the sound with the 300B is better. Now I will have a look for good speakers for my new amp. My JBL speakers are not good enough for the low output power of the amp. I will look for a pair of used Klipsch.

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To bump this thread, I just purchased the Grant Fidelity version of this amp. It has a very good reputation over at audio circle. I will primarily be using this amp with my Zu speakers. I have no idea how good the headphone output is.


As to the comments before questioning the quality of this amp. At Audiocircle it has been revealed to be a reliable amp that punches way above it's price class. Some say with some cap upgrades it is the equivalent of a $5k 300b speaker amp.




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My Yaqin MS-534 just died (seemed like an electrical surge blew everything out) right after turning it on.  *huff*  What do I do?  I'm not warrantied, or anything like that.

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Hello Johnybgood


Have you repaired your amplifier ?

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Hi Mikeb,


My MS-300B just went dead after a very bright light from the rectifier. I changed the stock tube with a Electro-Harmonix 5U4GB. But still no sound no nothing. The fuse is ok. I need a circuit diagram to repair the amp. Can you please email me a copy of the diagram.

My email is stevenjhtan@yahoo.com. Thank you.



Steven Tan

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