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Yaqin MS500B - 300b tube questions

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hello all,

I am building my new room for hifi and need some advice here.

there is a general consensus in France for the yaqin MS500b to be a killer integrated amp for high sensitive speaker like Klispch or Davis Loudspeakers (95db and higher)

This amp using the 300b tube which is mentionned everywhere to be the "king" of tube.

Well, this yaqin beast have a headphone out and I was wondering how this will work on headphones...

For people knowing the 300b, in your opinion, does this tube is suitable for high quality heaphones...It appears that almost all heaphones have a high sensitive value (for 98db and somewhat like 115db) so I think this tube will be perfect for heaphones too...but that is only theory and I would like some feedback on the 300b/headphones combo.

the yaqin retails for 1900$ with TJ fulllmusic mesh plate 300b tube, my speakers are Davis Stentaure and my cans a grado sr325i (RS1 will come soon), JVC victor DX1000 and in future too a denon D7000.

So, simply is this the tube amp I need?

thank you.
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Good looking amp.Can't believe no one is responding.
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Grant Fidelity A534B appears to be exactly the same amp for$2K.They have reviews on their web site too.
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gosh, you are right, they are absolutely the same!

How is it possible that 2 different brand have the same amp...?

the grant fidelity

the yaqin

I don't know what to think...very strange.

It doesn't help for the sound quality of the 300b/headphones combo...

thank you for your input
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From the review of the grant fidelity amp on their website:

"The stunning A-534B Integrated Tube amp is a new design with the 300B tube is being used for more of its capabilities than in conventional design, by having EL34's as its driver tube. The A-534B can pair with some 85 dB efficient speakers if you don’t need very loud volume while listening. However, in order to get the full potential of a 300B tube amp we still recommend you to use a 90dB or better speakers. The sound of the Grant Fidelity A-534 is pure magic. It is everything you could ever want from your amplifier for home use. All the industry buzzwords are perfectly presented with the A-534B - airy, detailed, sweet as in music heaven.

This is a must have amp for the serious audiophile and music lover. You can even plug in headphones for one of the finest Headphone amps on the planet - 300B taps for headphones!"

I found my new amp...

seriously, is the rewiever objective or just marketing stuff?
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Both models probably come from the same factor in China. Sometimes different brands are used for different markets. That is most llikely what's going on here.

As for the 300B, honestly, I don't have much experience with them. However, it seems that most headphone amps tend to use the 45 or 2A3 when building a DHT SET amp. Further, I've looked for schematics for 300B-based headphone amps to build myself, but there are very few of those.

I'm not sure why the 300B doesn't have wider use for headphones. I hope someone else can answer that.
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Simple - it is an OEM design, manufactured in the Far East by a specific company then rebranded for various resellers (e.g., Grant Fidelity and Yaqin). If I recall correctly, this particular design is from Tonewin in China, who also sell it under their house-name brand as the Tonewin MS-300B:

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In regards to the headphone out, I'd be a little weary (or at least cautious). Many integrated tube amps do not have the tube output connected to the HP jack at all; they often use a simple opamp in front of the jack to simply provide HP functionality.

This is primarily due to the high sensitivity of HP's and specific requirements (e.g. 120 ohm at the output) which needs to be achieved to clever use of circuits, resistors etc. to prevent major background noise levels and overpowering HP drivers.
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In the review it said the headphone is directly coupled to the 300b's.I think with resistors.
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ALSO, on e-bay 8plantshop site.They are selling buy it now price $899.00 PLUS free shipping.
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They go on ebay for pretty cheap as the Yaqin "King", I think about $680 USD before shipping of course, and I think they have a free shipping option (surface, likely). I honestly doubt the headphone circuit uses all of those tubes, it would be way overkill, but I don't doubt it's directly coupled to the 300Bs. If you really spend on the 300Bs and get some Western Electrics it should be a pretty ridiculous amp. It would be fun to mod the King too, although it appears to be pretty well made.
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thank you for your response,

well the yaqin "king" sold on ebay for 700$ is the yaqin ms300b which is the older version of the yaqin's amp.

I am talking about the newest version the yaqin the ms500b (the big brother)

from the yaqin website there is an significant increase in specs. in the newest version, apparently a truly exciting upgrade (still from their website)

the explanations based on the fact that the headphones out is only coupled with a little opamp can be possible because of the fact that yaqin provides the cheapest 300b tube amp on the market...so it could be true that they save building costs on the heaphones out...but I don't want to believe it

thank you for the OEM answer, but I am quite dissapointed in a way because I was thinking about buying an original and unique amp and finally it is a OEM design that everyone can sell.
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Originally Posted by godspeed View Post
...the explanations based on the fact that the headphones out is only coupled with a little opamp can be possible because of the fact that yaqin provides the cheapest 300b tube amp on the market...so it could be true that they save building costs on the heaphones out...but I don't want to believe it
There probably isn't an opamp on the headphone jack. It costs even less to put a couple of voltage dropping resistors there. That's the solution used by most integrated amps and receivers for their headphone jacks.

Also, cheap is not necessarily a good thing for tube amps. Most people only consider the tubes used when looking at an amp. However, the power supply is hugely important, as are the output transformers. To get a low price, companies often use the cheapest available while hoping that a prestigious tube will sell the model. You're much better off with quality transformers and ordinary tubes than you are the other way around.

I don't mean to bash this product - I am not familiar with it. It could be excellent for all I know.
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headphone socket is connected directly to output transformer

I have the circuit diagram for the Yaqin MS 300b amplifier and this shows the headphone socket connected directly to the output transformer via a 470 ohm resistor (one for each channel) which according to the diagram and their manual is optimum for headphones around 32 ohms.

I have this amplifier myself and have used it to drive both my AKG 701 and Audio Technica AD1000 headphones. For my personal taste I found it drives the Audio Techica headphones the best and sounds very smooth and open with plenty of detail with these, an excellent combination, I didn't like the AKG combination as much, preferring these being driven by my MF Xcan V3 amp.

Going back to the Yaqin amp this is a great little (heavy) amp for driving efficient loudspeakers, probably best with 93db plus ones, I use it with my Tannoy DMT15's which are 98db with great success. The amp is also notably very quiet both electriclly and mechanically.

I have changed all the chinese valves for JJ300B's, russian 6H8C's, german RTF AT7's and 274b rectifier valve. The chinese 300B's actually aren't that bad although I do prefer the JJ's (not too dear to buy around £140 matched pair lovely thick glass with a taller glass envelope than the chinese version). The biggest change I found with the valves and the largest influence on the sound was changing the rectifier valve. I prefered either nos 5UG National's or similar, but found the 274B to be the best with excellent deep tight bass (in relative terms for 300B amps).

I think at ebay prices this amp is an excellent buy for headphone driving (32 ohm types) and very efficient speakers. Be aware however if anything goes wrong with the components on the board that repairs could be costly as the amp is based largely on a single printed circuit board which if it has to be removed will take some time due to the number of connections made to the board and no slack with the connecting wires (from my own experience).
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thank you for response

Good to hear that the amp matches well with 32ohms cans....but Uncle Erick is may be right by saying that 1900$ might be too cheap for a 300b tube amp...some parts is the amp might just worth 0.1$ with a poor power supply and finally I can end up with a crappy amp using prestigious 300b without success...

I am lost....

on the other hand mikeb seems to be pleased with this amp so what to do..

1) get a 1200$ amp for my speakers and a 700$ for my cans
2) buy the yaqin ms500b for 1900$

This choice will hunt me for a long time....

thank you anyway guys, you rock.
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