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Originally Posted by warrior05 View Post
It is easy to get caught up in the equipment and lose sight of the main reason we got involved in this crazy hobby - the music. You can enjoy music equally as much on a $80 pair of headphones as an $800 pair.
I feel like it is a much richer experience listening to music over good gear, and that the enjoyment is in fact partially gear-dependent. However, it's different for everyone.

Also, not all of us got into it for music. Gaming is a reason I'm seeing a lot, too.
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A new sticky, very well done. The people described in #3 have been killing the forum lately, they just can't let things go even though they aren't even experts.
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Thanks for that post. It will save many the headache of having to adapt, and it will help give direction toward picking the right set up. That is not a small thing.

I guess the secret is now out about meet impressions. It took me awhile to figure that one out. Well done! I hope you feel better soon.

I think warrior05's advice should be added to the main post as well, but that could set the wrong precedence. Anyway, all good advice so far.
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I added in a take on FOTM threads into the op, and also pasted in the helpful suggestions from luvdunhill and warrior05. If anyone else has anything helpful to offer, or if I missed something already posted here, post it up.
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Wish I'd seen this before, great advice. Some great advice, I've still got your previous greatly needed advice thread in my sig still.

Only thing I would add is to worry about your headphones/source/amp more then what cables you use and to buy used often and wisely from those you think you can trust based on their feedback and possible motives.
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Thanks for the advices. Easily you can be lose in the threads with useless information. One thing I miss here in in-depth reviews from people who really knows the struff and have some perspective. It is really difficult for a newbie to sift the information.
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Nice. I'd second the part about not forgetting to listen for fun. I think sometimes I spend too much time listening to the system and not enough to the music. Reminds me of G. Gordon Holt's "hackles" test. The only real test of a system in the final analysis is whether it gets you off.

Great advice!
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Very sound advice. As much as I've tried to research my purchases, whether on head-fi or otherwise, I still often get the feeling that I'm stumbling around in the dark. You set out some very basic but critical things to keep in mind. Thanks!

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Really helpful ty
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thanks for post, great for people just entering into headphones
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This is an excellent post not only for newbies, but all members at different level.
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Thanks for the guide, Good Job!
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Nice post, I like your guidelines
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Here's a tip I would like to contribute.

Proper fit of your headphones is basic to getting the most out of your investment. By proper fit I am referring to the fit of your phones that enables them to deliver the best possible listening experience. Some headphones will have a better natural fit then others. Some headphones can be improperly fit and still be very comfortable to wear. With full sized headphones a good test for fit is to lightly press in on the earcups to provide for a firm but comfortable seal around your ears. If the sound quality improves then your phones were not properly fitted and you may need to adjust the headband to achieve proper fit. Some IEMs (in-ear monitors) can be pretty tricky to get a good fit, and they will not sound good until they are fitted correctly.

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