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Boomana's post sets forth the framework for a truly rewarding experience here. The only thing I will add is that attending Meets not only allows you to hear gear that you otherwise would not, but it also allows you to actually meet the good people behind the posts.
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Excellent post boomana.
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"Post count means nada," true that. I could have used this when I joined.
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Thanks, guys. I'm hoping some of you will post your own suggestions or things you wish you had known then that you know now. I thought of adding a section on posting etiquette (don't spam the board with noise, etc.), but got tired of typing. Maybe later.
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x2 for this being sent with the welcome PM when people first join. Great advice, It would have saved me a few $$$.
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While I agree with everything you said, and consider this a great post. I would like to make a point about using the search function here. It has A LOT to be desired as a tool for newbs. I used it quite frequently while researching for new headphones, and when I would try to get posts for my topic, it was far from anything relevant. I have seen other posts, though not many, that have said the same thing. One helpful one I read was to Google your topic, as this was a better method for receiving the posts you were looking for.

I think that the search function is most likely underused, but it could be made better to get more use. Other than this issue, I have found loads of information on this site, and continue to do so. If all newbs would read this before asking the proverbial, what should I get for $100, we would all be happier.
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Truly excellent post and very much needed.
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Great post boomana! I definitely could have done with having the knowledge of your first point before I started buying headphones. I hope everyone new at this hobby will take the time to read your advice
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Excellent guide! Should be stickied and given a simple enough URL to paste easily when needed.
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Wonderful write up Boomana. Eventually you might wish to change the title for "A hopefully helpful guide for newbies and not so newbies". More people should read it and act accordingly.
I like that part of not taking things personally, after all it's just a hobby and it's only gear.
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Thanks Boomana, this is going to help a lot of newbies like me
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Vicki, great post and while it is a great entry point for new members it is also a nice reminder/refresher for those that have been around a while as well.

I would add that prior to buying/investing in a rig that represents a lot of money to you, get to a meet or try to get together with a member to broaden your listening experience.

Thanks for a great post!
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Truly excellent post, good job!

I agree with all the points, especially the one regarding headphone meets. I've personally been to a few local ones, and the first one literally changed my whole perspective on this hobby. Meets are also fantastic places to meet great, passionate people (albeit quite poisonous) who might have plenty more years of experience to share.

"Don't be too harsh on a newbie, you were once one."
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Could have used this when I first came to this hobby. Well done and excellent advice.
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The best education is learning from mistakes.
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