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Sleek Audio Custom Appreciation Thread: Yeah, it's time

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Well known around these parts is the Sleek Audio company but their custom monitor hasn't yet garnered the fan appreciation it deserves. Well consider this thread Sleek Audio Fanfair!

I have owned the Sleek Audio customs for over a month but only just finished my rather exhaustive review. Since this is not a review but an appreciation thread, I will not post my the whole text here, but I want to give enough love for these before this thread gets buried.

If you are considering other companies because they offer dual or triple armatures over Sleek's one, that is fine, but you are under the influence of marketing competition that I truly believe has little to do with reality when concerning sound quality of a production custom monitor.

Here is to Sleek and to a hopeful united but fiesty and growing Sleek Custom fanbase!

By the way, these respond very well to amping but I am most impressed with the cheaper ER4 P to S adapter that merely adds 75ohms resistance to the signal pathway.

Lovely yet frighteningly realistic soundstage.
Sleek Audio Customs

Sleek Audio Customs Review - TMA

Tech Powerup Review

Likemist's Sleek Custom Experience

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Thanks for the review Shigzeo.

My enjoyment of the SA6 has certainly got me keeping an eye on the Sleek products.

I'll add the link to Frederik's review here to consolidate the information in this thread :

techPowerUp :: Sleek-Audio Custom Earphones Review :: Page 1 / 4
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yes thank you, i was looking for that review!

sleek will be releasing new products this year i am sure, so get ready for hopefully even better sa6 or the rumoured lower line. their custom really is phenomenal but of course, as with sound, everyone has a different preference for sound.

edit: moved tech powerup's review to the top!
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Haha wow thanks for the review man, makes me feel like wanting to pull the trigger and get one. But I'm a little nervous on if it'll have enough bass for me, I'm a bit of a basshead I suppose. But shigzeo I notice you have the Atrio (which I'm using) and the Turbine, both bass monsters. How do you reconcile the differences between those and the Sleek Audio Custom?

Cause I've been looking for an iem which has sparkling but not bright highs and a nice midrange and great Atrio like bass, and the Sleek Customs seem to tick all those boxes except the Atrio like bass in terms of quantity definitely. Although I can live with less bass I'd say the more the merrier, although the Atrio is a tad too bassy for me at times. Wonder if Sleek can make a special bass+++++++ custom for me if I asked, heh. They'd probably shake their heads and go "sigh our precious midrange, eaten up!" though.
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Sleeks are great and as you have discovered a dab of nail polish sorts out most fit issues.

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i am sure that sleek could fit you up with an extra bass heavy sleek but you will have to ask them. i love the atrio and turbine and though they definately are more bassy than any balanced armature phone i have heard, bringing lifelike impact of bass and mids and providing texture to music - the sleek with their less bass heavy presence in a way don't need the same amount of bass to be satisfactory.

the reason is the housing - as it is snug in your ear, you feel vibrations in the housing whereas universals dampen the vibrations with foam or silicon flanges. the experience is while more in the head, a treat to sound that is out of the head because the housing does not dampen the sound at all.

i am also more of a basshead than many of my colleagues here but i find the sleek almost perfect in bass for myself. though, i do want to try the futuresonics customs some day which i am sure will have all the pluses of the sleek but with a dynamic driver, so even more of a tangible audio experience.

for 300$ i simply cannot recommend a universal at any price to compare with the customs - simply put, they bring the most in-your-head of headphones and make it believable outside as well as entertaining reasonable textured bass.
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I just ordered mine on friday. The molds are going to florida next week and I can't wait. Will post impressions when I get them in a couple weeks. Does anyone know if they do the logos/artwork on the customs for free or do you pay extra?
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i think you have to pay extra - around 25-50$ but i don't remember and i'm juiced up so i cannot find the papers...
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Thanks. I figured. I will know tomorrow anyway when I start corresponding with them.
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I had no idea that they could be had for that price. Wow.
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yeah, one of the best prices in the industry and considering the company they are from, quite the steal!
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Shigzeo, you might also like to add a link to ilkemist's Sleek custom thread too. The pics don't seem to be loading today, but its probably a temporary issue.

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@Shigzeo: What amp are you using with these? I would expect them to be quite hard to power using an iPod, since you're using the 75ohm P to S converter.
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on the contrary, with the 75 ohm resistor, bass and stage - the two most important aspects of sound to me are clarified and made better. bass is slightly deeper (noticeable but not by a huge amount) but stage is eerily widened.

the 75ohm resistor means that i can raise my ipod's volume to about 50% or a little bit less but it makes the phones easier to drive other than volume. not all phones react well to resistance but these do.
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Thanks for the update. My iPod is normally around 50% volume with the Atrio, looks like the stock Sleek customs are quite sensitive.
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