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Futuresonics Atrio's

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Anyone have these earphones, and, if so, how does the bass compare to other earphones.

Also, is it true that there's no sort of filter/damper/wax guard in the nozzle, and therefore there's nothing in the nozzle between the actual driver of the earphone and your ear?

Thanks in advance for responses.
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Nobody has them and there are no threads about them. Searching will surely not yield any results.
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Originally Posted by gtp View Post
Nobody has them and there are no threads about them. Searching will surely not yield any results.
Because this is an internet forum, I cannot gauge the tone of your voice, and thus remain completely oblivious to sarcasm.
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Maybe so, but use the search button for a general query such as the one you posted. You will find more than you want, no doubt. The idea is to use the resources available, and if you have no success, then maybe post a request. There is a thread about the Atrios, within which you will be treated to much data.
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The irony is that the link to that 135 pages Atrio's discussion thread is just at the bottom of this thread.
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It's like having a mini subwoofer in your ear. They are very nice.
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Yeah, well I did want to ask that specific question regarding the Atrio's; namely whether or not there is meant to be nothing between the driver and your ear?

Can anyone answer that because even if the answer does lie in the massive Atrio thread it'd probably take absolutely ages to find it.
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The bass is tied for the best I've ever heard from an IEM. The only one that matches it is the IE8, and it's 2-3X the price. The only IEM that I haven't heard that could be near the same league is the Shure 5XX series. But, I've read that the IE8 is handily better in the lows. I've heard the Super.Fi 5 EB, and it didn't match the Atrio either. What else are you considering?
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as far as i remember, there is no filter in the atrio if that is what you mean. the bass is simply astonishing. it is high resolution and if driven properly the most beautiful iem-selling point in any iem i have ever heard.

they have some drawbacks but so does any phone on the market, but the atrio is a special phone - one of the first to really rupture the price-bracket snobs. any instrument that has vibrating strings is especially beautiful on the atrio.
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1. Best I have heard. Granted that I have not tried Turbines, nor PFE.
2. True.
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bass was overwhelming for me.
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if the atrio are well driven, they will not thump, but in underwhelming daps, they will thump too much - a side effect that happens with many dyanmic drivers
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I own m8 powered by ibasso d2 and bass is a killer...
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killer good or bad? i found with an amp that the added resolution that the d2 cowon could not provide made for good listening but without the amp, it was a bad combo for my music.
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No filter, eh?

So is there meant to be nothing in between your ears and the driver in this earphone? No filters, no wax-guards, no protective metal screens, no dampers, or anything? If anyone can look down the nozzle and tell me would be much appreciated...
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