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Bought his HD555's from him, it was a smooth and pleasant transaction, he left to ship them the minute I paid. Would deal again!
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Sold Dan a LOD. Great communication, fast payment and a darn nice guy to boot. Thanks again Dan.
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bought an ipod and zune, great communication, great deal, fast shipping
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Made him a cable, great buyer.
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Sold my Ibasso T4 to Dan, smooth transaction. Paid swiftly and great communication.
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Dan is a most gracious buyer, so easy to communicate with and paid immediate. Followed up when he received the phones. I sold him some HD555.

Very, very highly recommend!!
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Great communication trustworthy seller
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Sold Dan a Grado HP splitter. It was another great transaction.

Thanks... and enjoy!!
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Bought Senn. headphones from fluffygdog95. Super quick shipping & an excellent person to deal with. Would not hesitate to buy or sell to him in the future. AustinHorn
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Great buyer. Very friendly and easy to talk to. Hope to see again.
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Sold Mr. Daigle my ATH-M50S.  He paid too quickly and is too friendly.  Don't let his avatar fool you, he will NOT kill your dog.  Thanks mate!

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Sold Dan a Pyramid PSU...Great buyer

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Bought a V-DAC and Pyramid PSU from Dan.  He quickly responded to all my PMs, shipped immediately upon payment, and I got the stuff the next day.  In other words, perfect.  Great guy, and highly recommended.  Thanks!

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Purchased Denon AH-D2000. Great communication and very friendly. Got the product in excellent shape shipped to Canada. Highly recommended. Thanks plenty.

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