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HELP! My esw9 are broken. No no no! - how to repair headband ;-)

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The plastic that connects the cups to the headband are broken in one side. Is there any way, that I can purchase a new headband for those phones? Anyone knows a site, where I can buy spare parts to audio techica headphones? Help me here, someone. I was so happy with them.
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super ultra mega glue?
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your best bet is to call audio technica.
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Oh no not the ones I sold you less than a month ago ?
This breakage has now been described numerous times here on head-fi but I don't recall seing anybody report what they have done about it.
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Don't bother with Audio Technica USA. They're worthless. They don't have the parts here because the ESW9's are "Japanese". They say it will take 90(!) days to get the replacement parts from Japan. The best they offer is a replacement pair for $160. Been down this road unfortunately..but damn these phones sound great
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Can you still glue them on for the meantime?
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The way mine cracked made them impossible to glue back together
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Can you use the old part to make a mold using clay. Then build the part using epoxy of similar.
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He deffinately wont want just a replacement pair as they are also APS V3 recabled
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Hey folks, thanks for replies. Actually I now have contact with Audio Technica US (my japanese are very bad) - and a very nice person writes to me about the opportunities. It seems, that they will do a repair for 25$ + shipping. And I will ask if it's ok to just send the headband.

@nc8000: yes, it's the headphones, that I bought from you. It was just a little accident, think maybe a child was a little bit involved. The phones are so great and no, I'd not settle for a replacement, as I guess that would be a different phone...

I'll follow this one up, so others can benefit from it later on. How do you post a pdf in a thread? James from Audio Technica US has sent me a list over the parts names, with pictures and everything.
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Update: Audio Technica US would need the whole headphone for repair. That I didn't understand. The only trouble is the headband, so why waste money shipping the whole headphone? And what's more important, I would have to live without the sound of my esw9 in the meantime. So now I try to order the broken part and fix them myself. The part broken is the joint case. The thing that sits on the aluminium band and holds the thing, that holds the cup. Well I'm not very technical minded, so excuse my language here (the thing that holds the thing that holds the thing....) The part number is P# 134304530, and it is the part, that most often gets broken. That's what James from Audio Technica US told me.
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Got mail from James again. Audio Technica US have mailed me the part AT NO CHARGE! Wow, that's what I call good service :-) This makes my day big time!´I still would like to post the pdf of the esw9 parts. Does anyone know how to do that?
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wow that is very nice of him. please post some pics of the part when you get it
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You can upload it at Free file hosting - FileFactory. And then post the link here :-)
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