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Nuforce Support or Return

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Visit www.nuforce-icon.com/service-refund.htm
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Please don't post your product support issues here since we don't read this forum on a daily basis. Any support, replacement or refund related issues should go through our support email or help desk (see the posted URL).

Any complains or suggestions about our support or shipping services can be posted here.
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Hi Jason,

I'm a little disappointed at the difficulty with getting my NE-7M headphones fixed- I had read that customer support was excellent but that has not been the case so far.


I've bought 5 pairs of the NE-7M phones for my family through Amazon over the last year or two and was a big advocate of their use.  Unfortunately my newest set had a glue or wire failure of some kind at the left earpiece.  Generally not a big deal b/c most companies will fix the occasional defect willingly enough but when I opened a ticket with Nuforce Helpdesk, I was not helped.  First I was told they are already out of warranty (the support agent did not check the order number I provided).  After that was corrected, I was told that even though they are less than 30 days old, I have to go back to the retailer between Nuforce and Amazon.  I have the receipt but not the box so that's problematic.  It seems like Nuforce should be willing to repair their equipment that is still under their warranty without complaint in the interest of keeping a previously devoted customer happy!


I was about to pull the trigger on getting the new 700M phones to add to our collection but now I'm concerned that if they fail as well, I'll be out of luck regardless of warranty.


Any help is appreciated.



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Just wanted to follow up on my previous post about a lackluster initial response from Nuforce support.  One business day after indicating my dissatisfaction via Nuforce support channels, I got a great follow up response from Anna at Nuforce. 

She proactively remediated my issue and I'm now listening to a deeply discounted pair of new ne-700m phones that replaced my broken ne-7m model.  They sound great!  Thanks, Nuforce.  No customers lost )

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