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So I think I'm Going to Buy An iMac

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I've done a lot of thinking, and I really would like to buy a Mac. As much as I would love to have a Mac Pro, I've come to two logical realizations. I don't need that kind of computing power and I nothing I do will ever come even remotely close to utilizing the capabilities of the hardware. And it's too expensive. If I could actually justify having that powerful of a system, the price wouldn't be much of an issue for me.

I was reluctant about the iMac at first, but I realize it is more than capable of doing what I need my computer to do. So I think there's a 24" iMac in my future.

I have two issues, though. First, the 24" iMac won't fit on my desk. I can modify the desk, but at that point it really becomes nothing more than a table with a keyboard tray. The other issue is that I'm not completely comfortable dropping the money on an iMac without first having sold my other computer. I've got the computer on Craigslist, but so far no bites. I'm worried that I won't be able to sell it, which would really screw up my plans to get a Mac. I could always go for the mini, but I'd much rather have dedicated graphics memory and the faster, significantly larger hard drive.

But yeah, I'm hoping someone takes an interest in the computer quickly so I can move forward, but we'll see what happens.
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Is there anything the your computer doesn't do already, but the Mac does? Why do you need a Mac? How you used a Mac before? Do you play games? Is your computer unusable due to age or just changing to Mac to be "cool"? What software do you use and need to use?
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I want a Mac. I always have, but I could never afford it before now. I should have just bought one instead of building my current system, but the rumors of a hardware refresh on the horizon kept me from doing it.
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Consider getting a macmini (new model, just refreshed), do eSATA mod on it and hook it up to 24" screen. Cheaper, easier to resell, you can f-around wth OSX on it while using your existing parts..
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Good luck selling your existing computer. I have to say I like having a huge 24" screen (a Samsung external for my MacBook Pro) but I lived with a 20" for a long while. I suggest also getting an external Firewire 800 drive for Time Machine backups. The reason I suggest the faster FW800 is that there are no cheap and nasty FW800 chipsets, unlike FW400, which is either good (Oxford Semi or TI) or bad (Prolific). Then you'll have reliable backups. You're right though that a Mac Pro is overkill. Even many semi-professionals use iMacs now as they are powerful enough for what they do. Enough RAM and fast hard drives are the key.
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It boggles my mind that Apple doesn't have a "Mac" desktop.

For the hardware the Mac Mini is very pricy, you can find much better performance in other options. The iMac and all similar all-in-one systems don't appeal to me either due to limited expansion options and other hardware limitations. It also suffers from the same problem as Apple's monitors in that I find it has an insufficient range of adjustments.

The Mac Pros are monstrous machines but even I don't see a reason to go to that level of hardware for what I do and Apple doesn't offer any good high-end single "consumer" processor quad core systems. And I will admit I just prefer building it myself because I know what the hardware is and I get to pick every part.

The result from my standpoint is Apple doesn't have a desktop computer below the Mac Pro that I really recommend to anyone except in a few cases with the iMacs. A Mac desktop could pick up at the mid-top end of the Mac Mini range and scale up quite nicely through a range of configurations.

Not sure what the eSATA options are these days for Mac or PC, but I'd go eSATA for an external drive if possible, it's a more robust and faster connection than FW800.
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Originally Posted by Currawong View Post
I have to say I like having a huge 24" screen (a Samsung external for my MacBook Pro) but I lived with a 20" for a long while.
Same here. I had a 20" for quite some time, but finally invested in a 24" screen. I don't think I'll ever be able to use anything smaller ever again.
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Or you could try Linux, why sell a computer if you just don't like Windows anymore? If I did no gaming at all Ubuntu would be installed.
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Another option is building a Hackintosh.
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Best wishes selling your current computer!
I am sure you will be pleased with the 24" iMac. Its a nice computer indeed.
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If you can afford a mac, there's no point of wasting your time building a hackintosh. It's just not as smooth, seamless and problem free as a real mac. Which I think is one of the strongest trait of macs. Unless, you want to the mac in a form factor\configuration that's not available from Apple (netbooks, for example).

Here's a list of my systems before anyone 'attacks' me for any reason:
- Macbook pro unibody, hooked to a 24" external display (primary machine)
- MSI Wind running hackintosh for traveling
- An overclocked Q9450 based system with dual GT8800 running Vista for gaming that I haven't touched for quite awhile.
- An open solaris file server (zfs rocks).
- An UNRAID file server (nifty for running some linux services too).
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Be sure to consider teh refurbished Macs offered on Apple's website. My family and I only buy refurbs and have had zero problems while saving hundreds.

You might want to hold off for a bit if you can. I think Apple is going to bump processors to the i7 before the end of the year. You'll get much better performance for the same price. I could really use an upgrade from my two year old white MacBook, however, I'm not buying until the processor bump.

Also, instead of selling your computer as a whole, you can sometimes make more money and sell faster if you part it out.
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I second Erik's idea of getting a refurbished Mac on Apple.com.
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Originally Posted by Czilla9000 View Post
I second Erik's idea of getting a refurbished Mac on Apple.com.
i third this...i've bought four different refurbs in the last few years and they're such a great bargain...exact same warranty as a new one and you can still purchase applecare. my mom got a 24" refurb imac in january and it's serving her very well...
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