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how are the denon ah-p372? - Page 2

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Love that last shot, just what I needed. Thanks
No worries. They are fairly big!
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Not to thread jack, but how would you rank your headphones Captain?
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@captian73 - Nice collection you got there
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The creaking noise is made only when they don't fit snugly. Adjusting the headband so the cushions sit tight on the head fixes creaking.

Overall they're like the AH-D1000 minus the ambience/space resolution. Great for rock and any "guitars/bass/drums/vocals" music.

The fit is a bit too tight the first couple of days, but then they relax and don't squeeze the ears much.

Bass is punchy, but not heavy. Dynamics are wonderful, drums are very "tasty". They're fast.

Oh, and. They've better resolution than the K-81DJ. K-81/K-518 are muddy, muddy, muddy, and with an exaggerated bass. Boombox on ears. AH-P372 are much cleaner. Also more comfortable than the K-81/K-518. And cheaper. More efficient. And they weigh less.

So in summary: good for almost any kind of music, great for rock/metal/anything energetic, a bit sterile in sound, fast dynamics, nice looks, good (though not stellar) resolution (a bit toyish sound, especially with pads/strings/anything "ambient"), fairly cheap.

For the money, there's hardly anything better.
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