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how are the denon ah-p372?

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hey all, i need some recommendations for some good closed portable headphones for my ipod and laptop. i'll be using them when i'm getting around on the bus/subway, at college, and at home with my family. i mostly listen to rock, r&b, and pop.

the only requirement of mine is that the headphones have tight, punchy bass, and, at least, a decent middle/upper range. not leaking sound is slightly more important than blocking outside noise. my budget is $50, but i would buy something that costs a bit more if it's worth it.

my friend has the akg k 81 dj; i think that they're pretty decent, and i find them comfortable enough to wear. but are there better, fuller sounding headphones out there? right now, i've got my eyes on the denon ah-p372. any thoughts about these? thoughts in comparison to the akg k 81 dj?

also, how about the audio technica ath-fc700a?

thanks in advance
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I haven't tried them, but looking at Denon's track record, a nice deep bass is pretty much a guarantee with their products, so if you are looking for that in particular you'll definitely get it.
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thanks for your input. is there anyone else that can help me?
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Deep bass, Denon?? I would associate Denon's with deep bass! The (my) P372's don't have what you would call the deepest bass.

You want deep bass for $50 the best 'deep bass' i've heard for the price/ever is the AKG K518/K81DJ headphones. Those really kick backside (pardon my French) and they're fairly open sounding headphones. Used and New: AKG Closed-Back Foldable DJ Headphones - K81DJ
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i tried this a lot of times and i really like them. it has a nice, tight bass that's not muddy. i tried portapro and the K51DJ, and i should say for portable closed cheapo cans i definitely prefer the denon by miles. the K51DJ and portapro bass is ugly and bloated. for me, these sound a LOT like ES7s. like a poor man's ES7. i am very impressed.

always go and audition first, though.
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I had those for a few days, and while they sounded good, they creaked when I walked around which got annoying, so i took em back.
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conflicting opinions? well, there was another thread with a few positive (albeit) impressions, so i'm leaning toward buying these. are they less comfortable than the k 81 dj?

also, sorry if i wasn't clear enough, but it seems like you guys think that i only care about bass . it's just a requirement for the headphones; i still care about the middle/upper range.

dangermouse, why were they creaking? did anyone else have that problem?
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the mechanism that makes the drivers fold up was making the creaking noise, it might be sorted out with some fiddling and wd 40 but it depends if you want to try that (probably voids the warranty). If you can try them in a shop, or get a good returns policy then id recommend giving them a go.
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and they creak only when you move? i guess i wouldn't find that as too big of an issue, i mostly listen to music when i'm still. thanks for the heads-up.

any more input guys?
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hmm, headroom wrote a very positive review of the fc700a. any owners who can give me input about it?
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you do know that headroom reviews are a tad commercial, hm?
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yeah i know, that's why i asked for owner input

well, i guess that i'll get the ah-p372 if no one else has anything to say
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Can someone post pics of these on their heads?
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You'll have to excuse me... got to bed at 4:00 am!

Here's a comparison. From left to right: c-jays, PX100, iGrado, P372, HFI-15G (the most comfortable headphones I have) and iCans.

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Love that last shot, just what I needed. Thanks
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