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Originally Posted by Tuberoller
Those old Macs are great.The reason so many are still around is not because they built a lot of them,it's becasue they are built like tanks.Those will easiy outlive you and I.The big problem is they are priced accordingly.Mac gear is riding high now and prices are through the roof.Some fantastic tubed alternatives are the Fisher 400,500,500c,800B, any of the tubed Harmon Kardon Recievers and amps and the HH Scott receivers.What is great about the Fishers is that there were a bunch made and parts are still (relatively easy to find) I think they sound better than the Macs as well.They all have amazing built-in headamps and phonostages and the tuner sections are widely beleived to be the very best ever made.Dynaco stuff is also priced to the moon, if you can find any it is usually way over valued.Prices fluctuate seasonally as do most audio prices with summer being the best season to buy.Great solid state gear is harder to find but they are still very inexpensive.I love the Advent 300 receiver.It is 15 watts of pure audio bliss, it has a Tom Holman designed phonostage and a super nice, very powerful and clean sounding headamp.The Carver 900 reciever is another real gem and should be given consideration.If you can find a Kyocera C451 or 461 receiver,these things were the best back when they were new.Sansui had some really overbuilt,great sounding solid state gear as well,you'll see a lot of it around still.Vintage gear is great and I have mentioned mostly stuff I own/have owned and am familiar with.One warning: that vintage stuff can get really expensive to repair and some of it is finnicky.There are lots of gear sitting idle needing really simple repairs because people buy it and either cannot fix it or cannot find somone to do it.enjoy vintage but be aware of the pitfalls as well.

I have a question and thanks in advance for your passion and knowledge about McIntosh amplifiers.If you do not have time or this is too much to ask I would understand.
Let me tell you that I live in Mount Desert Island, Maine and as you can imagine I am very isolated since the town is very rural and it is hard to get information about this vintage equipment.

I recently bought my first McIntosh system!. I have heard all my best friend's McIntosh almost 30 years ago he still has them and he loves them!.

I connected my Mcintosh C26 to my 250 using interlink cable using the cable with gold connectors ( plugs) to the front part of the amplifier and then connecting the same cable to the C26 Main outputs. All worked very well and I enjoyed the fantastic sound very much.
Then I found that I should change my connections in order to use an additional pair of speakers and this way been able to use the main and remote speakers C26 front buttons.

I connected the amp using monster cables connecting one for the right and another for the left channel using the front screws and then I connected them to the amplifier output on the C26. I also connected one pair of speakers to the Main and the other pair to the remote on the back of the C26.

It did not work
Is there something I may have done wrong? After re checking all my connections ..I tried again at low volume and nothing happened then I turned off and here I am.

As you can see I am not an expert at all .

The manual for the C26 says:

Speaker switches:
to switch the main remote stereo speakers using the pushbuttons on the front panel, the power amplifier output loads must be connected to the amplifier output terminals on the rear of the C26. The main speakers must be connected to the main speaker terminals and the remote speakers to the remote speakers to the remote speaker terminals. If either main or remote speaker is pushed to off, load resistors are automatically connected to the poser amplifier to compensate for the speaker. The headphone output is always connected through level matching resistors to the amplifier terminals regardless of the position of the main or remote switches.

I was wondering if this was something that did not work that well with the C26 ? or I am sure I made have made the connections wrong.

Thanks again very much for your passion and for reading my very elementary question.
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Does it have a+b selectors for the speakers? I think to run 2 sets you should have a+b selected if thats possible.
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