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One thousand times thank you atsmile.gif

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left channel is the tip of the plug
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I Have a presentiment ...ring of the plug is the right channel :) -just a joke- Thank you Antistase, it's a good  trick to know +1

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Originally Posted by monsieur-hulot View Post

I Have a presentiment


I had one of those once. Got $53 for it on Ebay.


By the way, how was your holiday, monsieur-hulot? tongue.gif

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I see There are amateurs and specialists here , a nice forum, a nice place to be.

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I think I'll be doing the unthinkable. Since I haven't used my DT48 in literally months, I may be selling/trading it. I just can't get on board with its sound. I'm still in love with its sound with mono recordings but I have too many headphones I'm not using. I told myself I'd keep it forever just to say I own a pair of the oldest headphones in the world, but I'd hate for it to just gather dust. Maybe I'll buy them back when I have the money, but right now I'd rather use their value for stuff in my planned college setup.

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If you want to offer to your DT48 holidays in the South of France, do not hesitate. I swear you that I would take your DT48 with me to the Cannes film festival, that will disorient it a little. (I have just received my accreditation, i'm very proud of it :)

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Send me an offer if you want! (This applies to anyone interested)

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Hello everybody,


My "old" DT48 Mono 25ohms, has no inscription at all on its black cups. It's serious, doctor?

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Sir, could you post some pics of them, I would like to see the headband and cable design too as they mark stages of their existence.


Isch, PM me how much you want for them, start the ball rolling.

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Thank you Maniacal, one more time.

A first picture, i'll send more later... Jack MONO, the bump-head is new (and not genuine) and the ear-pads are news (not on the picture). Wires: one ear grey & the other is black

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Sir you have a early 70's model, the headband design is the same type as the famous J Gordon Holt (Founder of Stereophile Magazine) DT48 @ 200 ohms, the cable is not from that era I would think, it is quite rare just going by that headband.
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As you can see (it (or not) a  2 small holes screw of origin and a screw with screwdriver. Absolutely no writing on cups.A screw in the "Y" (that of the bottom) is missing.May I undo cups without risk?


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The problem with the Black cupped type (E) is that the letterings are painted on them and falls off unlike the Silver cupped types (Nagra/S). Opening the top covers will not be harmful in any way, the danger comes when after removing the screwed down magnet and exposes the voice coil which has a fine wire to the diaphragm.




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:) the question about The "sound signature" is about the DT48, or about The Allman Bros. Band ? it makes nothing, the answer is the same : OH YES !

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