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Westone UM3X announced! - Page 38

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The RSA P-51 has been a good match for the UM3X and gives them a bigger soundstage than the Predator or the stock D10 which sounds like a Predator with the stock opamps. The D10 with TLE2141 class A opamps and EL8201 as buffers opens up and gets much closer to the P-51 with just a little less air and spaciousness in the top end vs the P-51.

Those are the only two amps I have tried with the UM3X (P-51 at a couple of meets, and D10 stock at July CO meet, and D10 with the above opamps at RMAF).
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early impressions seem to point to the ALO Rx amp playing nicely with the UM3X as well. it's on my shortlist.
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