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I feel like killing myself right now. Alison Lohman is great in this movie.
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I went to see "The Medallion" yesturday (when it came out, it's actually my friend's b-day too....it was ok, but too cheesy, especially the end, if the Transformers Movie is an 11/10, then the medallion is a lowly 4/10, I didn't really like it at all.
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Originally posted by squirt
Just saw Miss Congeniality...JUNK...too bad Ms Bullock can't get decent roles to play...

SHE picks the roles, and its hard to imagine anyone doing a worse job. She turned down Runaway Bride (admittedly not that good, but a relatively big hit) to make that bomb with Ben Affleck. Previously she has also turned down several other excellent movies to make other bombs. She needs someone else to choose her films.

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Originally posted by Dusty Chalk
Well, here's another straight guy weighing in on Angelina Jolie's unattractiveness. I'm not saying you guys shouldn't find her attractive, but I certainly don't. Those lips look like balloons that have begun to lose their inflation.

With regards to her ability to act -- I'm sure she can, but there wasn't a whole lot of it going on in the first Tomb Raider.
I'll add mine to the personal opinions that Angelina Jolie isnt all that attractive. Not to mention her sleaze/trashy factor would have taken her right off my charts of desirability anyway.

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Originally posted by RickG
All of Costner's films are unbearably slow for my taste. However, I dig westerns so I'll probably rent it when it's available on video.

I found Open Range to be an extremely well done film with excellent performances, clearly one of the years best films. IMO it, along with Unforgiven are the two best westerns of the last twenty years.
Roger Ebert, and many others have given it great accolades and overall, reviews have been extraordinarily good, and well earned.
I strongly it to anyone who enjoys a good western, or good films period.

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I couldn't remember the last movie I watched when this thread started...So I'm watching Spirted Away right now.
Thanks fractus2.
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The Four Feathers with Heath Ledger and Kate Hudson. Kinda slow, but I enjoyed it.
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Originally posted by minya
Apparently it's some sort of raver film/alternate version of Go (I love Go, so I'll probably enjoy Groove),

I love movies.

- Chris
I love movies too.

I Love GO ..one of my other "re-watchables" in my small permanent collection. The varied point of view narrrative really works for me. Super cast of young and some solid character actors. And you gotta love that Magic Carpet Ride is in the soundtrack.

Today is "Gods and Generals"...it's a long one so I've been saving it for the weekend.

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Rob Zombie's directorial debut:

Basically a modern more visually lavish version of Texas Chainsaw with some plot variations:
4 dumb young adults car breaks down near house inhabited by disfunctional family with some nasty hobbies

Rob Zombie wallows in campy/trashy aspects of characters and sets, lots of priceless little moments and one line zingers in dialog. Sets are very rich in detail with lots of trashy campy detail,
murder museum opening scence good example, lots of cool color variations almost like music video. Can't really say I was ever scared (but I have high tolerance for gore) and body count is much lower than expected from title.

Yes that is Karen Black as the mother of this misfit family, things must be really slow for her, he he.
Also was waiting for Rob to do cameo appearance in film like Hitchcock does.........is Dr Satan Rob Zombie?

BTW Toby Hooper original director of Texas Chainsaw really likes this flix.
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Major surgery on my arm Friday, so nothing to do for the next 2 weeks until I start rehab.

We watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding yesterday. I did Terminator last night. We'll probably warch Patriot this afternoon. Also gotta watch Fellowship of the Ring before Tuesday so that I can go straight into Two Towers.
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Saw The Medallion today. Despite a cheesy plot, I still found myself loving the movie, mostly because it was just hilarious as heck. Not to mention Claire Forlani is one hell of a woman.

Prior to that I saw SWAT (eh, it's ok), Bad Boys II (good action, little too much swearing), and LXG (really, really bad). Rented Tears of the Sun (good), Windtalkers (good), The Pianist (ok, why was this so great again? I thought Gangs of New York would've made a much better choice as a major award winning film in all aspects), The Transporter (solid action movie), and a Korean subtitled action flick called Shiri that was surprisingly good.
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Originally posted by SBomm
I couldn't remember the last movie I watched when this thread started...So I'm watching Spirted Away right now.
Thanks fractus2.
Np..., that's a great movie isn't it?

Just watched The Contender (2000), Joan Allen, Jeff Bridges, Gary Oldman, Sam Elliot, Christian Slater. I've watched this dvd numerous times and I'll watch it again. The speech at the end ranks up there with Al Pacino's in Scent of a Woman. Another movie I watch often is The Big Lebowski. I'm amazed at the art of acting when I see Jeff Bridges and Sam Elliot in those two movies and the differing characters that they play. And picturing Gary Oldman in Leon: The Professional and as a Senator (is that a spoiler, that it's not about boxing?) just boggles the mind. I really like the way the story focuses on what is right vice what any party affiliation would have you expect.

edit: does that allmovieguide link work? someone told me they don't.
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Shichinin no samurai ("Seven Samurai")
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Originally posted by archosman

Shichinin no samurai ("Seven Samurai")
That's what I'm talking about.
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I'd like to preface this with: I hate the Lifetime channel.

There, now that that's been said - I Tivo'd a movie starring Ellen Muth, the star of Dead Like Me, called The Truth About Jane. Surprisingly, it wasn't a bad film and the acting was actually all very believable. If you're into the whole coming out movement and gay pride and whatnot, this movie should be on your list. If you're looking for hot and heavy lesbian action, you'd have to settle for a subtle but convincing kissing scene.

Nefertiti (which isn't nearly as lewd as its prnunciation) is next up for me.
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