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Kill Bill Vol. 2. It's been a few weeks since I watched it last and I wanted to remind myself how good it was. I was right.
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21 Grams

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Troy. Quite unlike the actual legend where Archilees wears lots of armour. Other than that, it was quite good.
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Maria Full of Grace
--A++......Highly Recommended!!!
--A film about about a Colombian drug mule.
--Catalina Sandino Moreno in the lead role.
--Joshua Marston, writer/director.
--Film reviews are 97% positive (see below).
--Sundance Film Festival's Audience Award.
--Newport International Film Festival, Best Film Award.
--Berlin Film Festival, Best Actress & Best Film Award.
--Seattle Film Festival, Best Actress & Best Film Award.
--It's in Spanish with subtitles, yet it's easy to follow.

Check out the great film reviews...

Don't miss this one! It's an excellent movie!!!
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Masked and Anonymous

Masked and Anonymous

Odd movie. Every character symbolized something and every line was some sort of of clever, deep, insightful quip. So clever, deep, and insightful in fact that I didn't understand any of it.

It featured a huge lineup of stars such as: Bob Dylan, John Goodman, Jessica Lange, Jeff Bridges, Penelope Cruz, Bruce Dern, Ed Harris, Val Kilmer, Cheech Marin, Chris Penn, George Receli, Giovanni Ribisi, Mickey Rourke, and Christian Slater.

All the music was done by Dylan.
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House of a 1000 corpses:

Not the greatest horror movie ever, heck not that good at all, but it still left me with jitters. And that's not a normal occurence for me. It's not something I would recommend though.
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Originally Posted by mbriant
It featured a huge lineup of stars such as: Bob Dylan
Were Bob's speaking parts subtitled?

Jessica Lange, Jeff Bridges,Bruce Dern, Ed Harris-that's a group of actors I admire.
Mickey Rourke- he used to be good before he tanked, is he good again?
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Goodman and Dylan were the main stars. Dylan gave one of his more "not-even-close-to-an-Oscar-winning-performances". Dylan subtitles may not be a bad idea, but the dialogue wasn't worth hearing anyway. Micky Rourke was actually pretty good, but everyone's part seemed awkward and hokey to me because of the exaggerated, grandiose dialogue they were all given.
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Last night I watched "Godsend", it was a little predictable but I had trouble going to sleep thinking about that kid, so I got up and watched "Butterfly Effect" .... AAAhh Same freaky kid was in it! This one was better with a more satisfying ending. I slept with the lights on.
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Watched "The Butterfly Effect" on pay-per-view and hated it. Went to the movie theater and saw "The Village." The story was a bit too slow developing, but ultimately it was an interesting movie with an interesting "twist" at the end. Overall I liked it. For me "Collateral" has been the movie of the summer with "The Terminal" as a distant second...
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Some cowboy piece of crap with John Wayne that I can't remember the name of.
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Last night’s feature: Taking Sides.

Based on true events about the post-WWII American investigation of Wilhelm Furtwangler, conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic.
Thought provoking and agitating explorations of good and evil between arts and politics. Simplistic sets and not enough music for my taste, but overall an enjoyable movie.
Harvey Keitel was exceptional because he was making me very angry and I was yelling at the TV.
To make things worse, my husband and I took opposing sides on this movie and we’ve been arguing about it for the last hour.
We’re taking it Outside before we brake any furniture.
Don’t worry, I’m not physically abusing him, we’re just having a healthy debate.
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Watched "Donnie Darko" today. I had paid no attention to this movie in all these years.... I had no expectations. Boy, was I surprised. Good movie.

In fact, it evokes much more thinking long after..... In this sense it reminds me of the book "The life of Pi"

Why are you wearing that man suit?
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This weekend-

Godsend (ok but lame ending)
Seeing Other People (Jay Mohr is terrific as usual with a solid supporting cast)

plus seven episodes of ANGEL Season One...having never watched this or Buffy...I am going to enjoy renting my way through this series.
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Garden State - I really enjoyed this one. You should definitely check it out.

City of God - I'm sure this has been mentioned before, I loved it.

and I saw Napoleon Dynamite about a month or so ago (advanced screening). I haven't seen anyone mention it yet, it is excellent. Perhaps that funniest movie I've ever seen without resorting to "stupid humor."
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